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Curt Salomon * 1905

Marktstraße 44 (Hamburg-Mitte, St. Pauli)

JG. 1905

further stumbling stones in Marktstraße 44:
Brigitte Salomon, Hans-Joachim Salomon, Rosa Salomon

Curt (Kurt) Salomon, born 13.6.1905 in Hamburg, deported on 8.11.1941 to Minsk, date of death unknown
Rosa Salomon, née Urbach, born 22. (24.) 12.1902 in Chrzanow, deported on 18.11.1941 to Minsk, date of death unknown
Brigitte Johanna Salomon, born 24.6.1933 in Jena, deported on 18.11.1941 to Minsk, date of death unknown
Hans-Joachim Salomon, born 5.6.1936 in Hamburg, deported on 18.11.1941 to Minsk, date of death unknown

Markstraße 44

Rosa Salomon was born on December 22 or 24, 1902, as the daughter of Isaak Urbach in Chrzanow. The small town of Chrzanow, located in southern Poland, 10 km north of Auschwitz, had about 6000 inhabitants at that time, about 4500 of them Jews.

In the course of the following years, the family moved to Leipzig, and by 1933 at the latest, Rosa Urbach was living in Jena, where her daughter Brigitte Johanna was born out of wedlock on June 24, 1933.

A short time later, she moved with her child to Hamburg, where she met Curt Salomon, a commercial clerk. When she was pregnant with her second child, she married Curt Salomon in November 1935 and gave birth to their son Hans Joachim on June 5, 1936.

Curt Salomon, who was born in Hamburg on June 13, 1905, had been a member of the Jewish community since 1930 at the latest and at that time lived in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel. His mother Frieda Salomon had died at an early age, so he grew up with a foster mother, the widow Wolff, at Rappstraße 1. His father was "unknown" according to the entry on Curt's tax card of the Jewish community. What occupation Curt Salomon pursued can at best be guessed. Apparently he was on the road a lot as a merchant, because for the year 1931 there is the note on the tax card "Verzug n. Duisburg" (moved to Duisburg) and for the year 1933 "Verzug n. Holland" (moved to the Netherlands).

From 1934 he was again registered in Hamburg, lived at frequently changing addresses in Eimsbüttel and was unemployed. Presumably he performed auxiliary work in the following years, because the deportation list noted "warehouseman" as his job title.

In 1940, the Salomon family moved to Marktstraße 44 to live with Meta Cohen and her five children, and daughter Brigitte attended the first grade of the Israelitische Töchterschule (Jewish girl’s school). Her brother Hans was not allowed to experience school life.

A few weeks after the family had to move again - now to Marktstraße 95 - Curt Salomon received the deportation order to Minsk. On November 8, 1941, he and about 1,000 other people were taken on the first transport to Belarus to the Minsk ghetto, which had been established in July 1941. Why only Curt Salomon and not also his wife and children were scheduled for this transport cannot be clearly stated. The only striking fact is that Curt was noted on the deportation list with the old address Marktstraße 44. When Rosa Salomon and the two children were also taken to the Minsk ghetto ten days later, on November 18, 1941, their address was given as Marktstraße 95.

It is impossible to say whether the Salomon family found each other in the ghetto and spent any more time together there. Most of the Hamburg Jews were shot or suffocated in gas trucks during a massacre on May 8, 1943, assuming they had survived the harsh living and working conditions in the camp by then.

Rosa Salomon's father, Isaak Urbach, had already died in the Buchenwald concentration camp on January 22, 1940.

See also the article about Ellen Cohen.

Translation by Beate Meyer
Stand: January 2022
© Gunhild Ohl-Hinz

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