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Hermann Borchardt * 1894

Susannenstraße 4 (Altona, Sternschanze)

1941 Minsk

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Minna Cohen, Albert Löb, Julius Strellnauer, Therese Strellnauer

Hermann Borchardt, born 15 Aug. 1894 in Preussisch Friedland (Debrzno, Poland), deported 8 Nov. 1941 to Minsk, date of death unknown

Susannenstraße 4 (Heinrich-Dreckmann-Straße 4)

Hermann Borchardt was born on 15 Aug. 1894 as the son of David and Johanna Borchardt, née Fabian in Preussisch Friedland in what is now northwestern Poland. It is not known when and with whom he came to Hamburg. His tax card with the Jewish Community, which records his contributions from 1935 on, documents his professional decline. According to the tax card, Hermann Borchardt worked as a "commercial clerk,” a "bookkeeper” and also as a "street vendor.” According to the house registration file (Hausmeldekartei), he worked as a "construction laborer.” He apparently managed to survive, if not well, on the income from his work, and qualified for "rent support” ("Mieterunterstützung”) in 1935. Later, he was exempted from paying taxes to the Jewish Community because he was unemployed. His taxes were very low, or he was exempted due to unemployment. At least since the mid-1930s, he sublet rooms at various addresses in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel until renting a room from the Strellnauer family in Susannenstraße 4 in Hamburg-St. Pauli in June 1941. Hermann Borchardt had joined the Jewish Community only in July 1938. His marital status is given as "single again,” but there is no information about his ex-wife. He apparently had no children. Perhaps he had come to Hamburg only after his divorce.

On 8 Nov. 1941, he was deported to the Minsk ghetto, together with Albert Löb, who rented a room from the same family. He did not return from there. Only 16 of the 968 people who were taken to Minsk on this transport survived.
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Translator: Sandra H. Lustig
Kindly supported by the Hermann Reemtsma Stiftung, Hamburg.

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