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Rosalie (Rosa) Cohen (née Jacobsohn) * 1867

Grindelallee 180 (Eimsbüttel, Rotherbaum)

JG. 1867
ERMORDET 31.8.1942

Rosalie (Rosa) Cohen, born 15 June 1867 in Hamburg, deported 15 July 1942 to Theresienstadt, died there 31 Aug. 1942

Grindelallee 180

Rosalie Cohen, also known as Rosa, was the daughter of Emil and Friedrike Jacobsohn, neé Isack. She was married to Oskar (Oscar) Hirsch Cohen, born on 24 Sept. 1864. Rosa and Oskar had been members of the Hamburg Jewish Community since 1913. They had one daughter, Bertha Lilli, born on 30 July 1894 in Hamburg. When she was born, her parents still lived at Marktstraße 6, later they moved to Grindelallee 89. Oskar Cohen ran a pipe factory at Große Burstah 9 and specialized in models made of briar root He died on 31 Mar. 1932 at the age of 67.

Lilli’s first entry in the tax records of the Jewish Community is in 1922, the year she found her first job. In 1937 she married James Schindler (*27 Nov. 1881 in Hamburg). It was his second marriage. In 1939, the couple lived at Werderallee (before and after Werderstraße) 9. Rosalie Cohen moved to Grindelallee 180 after her husband's death, and later to rented rooms on Rutschbahn. In October 1936, she was temporarily admitted to the Jewish nursing home at Schäferkampsallee 25-27. In 1941 she was forced to move to the "Jews’ house" at Bornstraße 22.

By that time Lilli and James Schindler were living in rented rooms at Schlüterstraße 63, their last address before they were deported to Minsk on 8 Nov. 1941. Both were murdered in the Minsk Ghetto.

Six months later Rosalie Cohen received her deportation orders. The 75-year-old was deported to Theresienstadt on 15 July 1842, where she died six weeks later, on 31 Aug. 1942.

Translator: Amy Lee
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