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Kurt Bibo * 1900

Osterbrook 3 (Hamburg-Mitte, Hamm)

1940 Gefängnis Altona
JG. 1900
TOT 29.5.1941

Kurt Bibo, born on 6 May 1900, murdered on 29 May 1941 at the Dachau concentration camp

Kurt Bibo was born in Landsberg/Warthe on 6 May 1900 into a large family. He had only one biological brother, Fritz, who emigrated to the USA; the parents were already dead by 1930.

Kurt Bibo was employed in different jobs. Trained as a crane operator and electrician, he worked from 1930 onward for Blohm & Voss before being dismissed for reasons of "racial policy” in 1934. After that, he also had jobs as a laborer and as a merchant. He was a member of the SPD without any party function.

The Jewish Community lists him as a member from 1925 to 1934. He was married to a Christian woman, Agnes Zahrewski. The marriage remained childless. The Bibos had an apartment of their own in Hamburg-Hamm, initially at Claudiusstraße 21 (today Beltgens Garten) and then, from 1932 onward, at Osterbrook 3. In between, they lived in the St. Georg quarter at Kleine Pulverteich 20 as subtenants. Kurt Bibo did not pay Jewish religious taxes (Kultussteuer) to the Community at any time. Temporarily he and his wife lived on social welfare assistance.

On 19 Mar. 1940, Kurt Bibo was arrested because of a denunciation and convicted by the Hanseatic special court (Hanseatisches Sondergericht) on 4 June 1940. The charge was offence against Sec. 2 Par. 2 of the "Law against Treacherous Attacks on the State and Party and for the Protection of Party Uniforms” ("Gesetz gegen heimtückische Angriffe auf Staat und Partei und zum Schutz der Parteiuniformen”) dated 20 Dec. 1934. He was sentenced to six months of "political reeducation” in the Altona court prison. Instead of being released on 19 Sept. 1940, he was committed by the Gestapo to the Fuhlsbüttel concentration camp. After about 14 days, he was transferred to the Neuengamme concentration camp and then to the Dachau concentration camp. His prisoner number there was 24,686. He died on 29 May 1941 at 03:15 p.m. His widow received the urn containing his ashes by mail. She had it interred at Ilandkoppel Jewish Cemetery.

Kurt Bibos half-brother Alfred, born on 18 Feb. 1895 in Landsberg/Warthe, was deported at the end of 1941 from Kassel to Riga and subsequently farther on. He died on 2 May 1945 in Neustadt/Holstein.

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