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Erich Diehl, Zuchthaus Bremen-Oslebshausen 1940
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Erich Diehl * 1914

Stoeckhardtstraße 11 (Hamburg-Mitte, Hamm)

JG. 1914
ERMORDET 8.1.1943

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Born on July 23, 1914 Hamburg; welfare education; factory worker, messenger; end of 1934 briefly remanded for "insult," released on impunity order; November 1935, Hamburg District Court sentence to 1 month in jail under § 185 (he attempted to kiss a 19-year-old); Sept. 18 - Oct. 2, 1936, then Fuhlsbüttel concentration camp, until Nov. 16, 1936, remanded to Hamburg-municipal prison for " unnatural Fornication."
31.10.-7.11.1938 Fuhlsbüttel concentration camp, suicide attempt, March 1939 Hamburg Regional Court sentenced to 1 year 9 months imprisonment under §§ 175 and 175 a no. 3;
1940 victim of a civilian search during contact initiation at the Schauspielhaus, June 11-15, 1940 Fuhlsbüttel Concentration Camp, October 1940 Hamburg Regional Court Sentenced to 5 years in penitentiary followed by "preventive detention" as a "dangerous habitual criminal" under §§ 175 a No. 3, 20 a and 42 e, total sentence determined after 6 previous convictions, including homosexual acts with cellmates in pretrial detention, Bremen-Oslebshausen and Fuhlsbüttel penitentiaries; withdrawal of his application for "voluntary" castration;
December 5, 1942 transported to Mauthausen concentration camp; designations in transport lists "preventive detention," "temporary preventive detention," prisoner number 16124;
December 11, 1942 transferred to Gusen protective custody camp, prisoner number 4586;
Death on January 8, 1943 Mauthausen concentration camp, official cause of death "suicide by high voltage." Stolperstein: Stoeckhardtstraße 11, Hamm-Nord.

Translation by Beate Meyer
Stand: February 2022
© Ulf Bollmann

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