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Ilse Dotsch, geb. Stoppelman *1918
© Yad Vashem

Ilse Dotsch (née Stoppelman) * 1918

Rutschbahn 11 (Eimsbüttel, Rotherbaum)

1943 Sobibor
deportiert aus den Niederlanden

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Ilse Dotsch, née Stoppelmann, born 10 Mar. 1918 in Hamburg, deported from the Netherlands to Sobibor on 27 Apr. 1943, murdered there on 30 Apr. 1943

Rutschbahn 11

Ilse, born in Hamburg, was the youngest daughter of the butcher Gerson Stoppelmann, who was born on 3 Apr. 1879, and his wife, Auguste, née Löbenstein, born on 11 Feb. 1888.

She grew up in the middle of Hamburg’s Grindel neighborhood, in a family that included her siblings Grete (born 28 Dec. 1907), Hedwig (born 22 Apr. 1910), Max, and Alfred (born 6 June 1910). Her father, Gerson Stoppelmann, ran a butcher’s shop at Dillstraße 16, not far from the family’s home on Rutschbahn. Ilse’s mother died in 1935. She left her daughter a small inheritance in the form of a mortgage on the property at Reichenstraße 25 in Altona, valued at RM400.

Ilse herself began an apprenticeship with a firm, which she presumably was unable to complete in the course of the "Aryanization process.” Later she worked as a domestic servant.
Ilse and her father wanted to immigrate to the Netherlands, and in 1938 they sought to obtain admission to the country. In addition, Gerson Stoppelmann requested that Ilse be permitted to take the furnishings and equipment of the butcher’s shop out of the country with her, although he was not certain whether he wanted to continue working in this trade. The documents do not indicate whether the two planned to stay in the Netherlands, or continue on to the United States as Ilse’s older sisters had done: Grete/Gretchen Kaiser, née Stoppelmann, and Hedwig Heimann, née Stoppelmann, fled to the United States via the Netherlands. Ilse’s younger brother, Max, also used the Netherlands as a way station before traveling on to Palestine in 1939. Only her older brother, Alfred, and his wife stayed in the Netherlands.

When Ilse and her father left for the Netherlands on 31 Dec. 1938, she had cash assets amounting to RM60, and her father carried RM187.70 with him, slightly less than his monthly income in 1937.

Ilse made her way via Rotterdam to Amsterdam. Here, on 31 Dec. 1941, she married a Dutchman, Maurits Dotsch (born 18 Dec. 1911), who worked as a driver. After the wedding, she lived with him at Krugerstraat 36II. A short time later, Maurits was put in the Westerbork "transit camp for Jews.” From here, on 24 July 1942, he was deported to Auschwitz, where he was murdered on 25 Aug. 1942.

The deportation of Ilse’s husband changed her life yet again in a profound way. After Maurits was sent to Westerbork, she moved to different lodgings, this time on Tugelaweg, and, beginning on 1 Feb. 1943, took a job as a huisverzoger (domestic worker) at the Jewish Council in Amsterdam. This did not last long, as Ilse was forced to enter the Westerbork transit camp on 20 Apr. 1943, just under a year after her husband. From here, seven days later, she was deported to the Sobibor extermination camp, where she was killed on 30 Apr. 1943.

Prior to Ilse’s death, her father had already passed through the Westerbork transit camp and been deported to an extermination camp: He was murdered in Auschwitz on 5 Oct. 1942.

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Translator: Kathleen Luft

Kindly supported by the Hermann Reemtsma Stiftung Hamburg

© Kim Aileen Jessen

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