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Ilse Goldschmidt * 1902

Grindelallee 162 (Eimsbüttel, Rotherbaum)

JG. 1902
"VERLEGT" 23.9.1940
ERMORDET 23.9.1940

Ilse Jeanette Goldschmidt, born on 11 Sept. 1902 in Hamburg, murdered on 23 Sept. 1940 in the Brandenburg/Havel "euthanasia” killing center

Grindelallee 162 (Rotherbaum)

Ilse Jeanette Goldschmidt was born on 11 Sept. 1902, the daughter of the fund and insurance broker Jacob Goldschmidt and his wife Thekla, née Seligmann, in Hamburg-Rotherbaum, at Grindelallee 162. The couple had married on 12 Mar. 1895 and they were of the Jewish faith. When Ilse was born, the couple already had three children: David Jacob, born on 9 July 1896 in Hamburg, at Grindelallee 185; Helene Hannchen, born on 17 Mar. 1898 in Hamburg, at Grindelallee 110; and Rahel Ester, born on 23 Feb. 1899, also in Hamburg, at Grindelallee 110. After Ilse Jeanette, two more siblings were born: SiegmundSeligmann, born on 12 Mar. 1904 in Hamburg, at Grindelallee 162, and Hanna, born on 12 Mar. 1908 in Hamburg, probably also at Grindelallee 162.

Ilse Goldschmidt’s father was the owner of Kobbelt& Co, which was entered in the company register. As an insurance broker, he maintained a significant insurance portfolio in the shipping sector. A witness stated in the subsequent restitution proceedings "that in 1930, Mr. Goldschmidt was still entertaining in a way that was a credit to a flourishing business.”

Apparently, Ilse Goldschmidt had successfully completed school as well as an apprenticeship. She worked as an office clerk in the 1920s. In 1924, one day before her twenty-second birthday, her mother died in the private clinic of Mrs. L. E. Wünsch, located at Mittelweg 144. At that time, Ilse still lived in the house where she was born, at Grindelallee 162. She remained unmarried. In Feb. 1930, she was admitted to the Friedrichsberg State Hospital (Staatskrankenanstalt Friedrichsberg) because of a mental illness and was then transferred to the Hamburg-Langenhorn State Hospital (Staatskrankenanstalt Hamburg-Langenhorn) in Mar. 1933. She spent the next years there.

In the spring/summer of 1940, the "euthanasia” headquarters in Berlin, located at Tiergartenstrasse 4, planned a special operation aimed against Jews in public and private sanatoriums and nursing homes. It had the Jewish persons living in the institutions registered and moved together in what were officially so-called collection institutions. The Hamburg-Langenhorn "sanatorium and nursing home” ("Heil- und Pflegeanstalt” Hamburg-Langenhorn) was designated the North German collection institution. All institutions in Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, and Mecklenburg were ordered to move the Jews living in their facilities there by 18 Sept. 1940.

On 23 Sept. 1940, Ilse Goldschmidt and 135 other patients from North German institutions were loaded onto a train at the Ochsenzoll freight station and transported to Brandenburg/Havel. On the same day, the people were killed by means of carbon monoxide in the part of the former penitentiary that had been converted into a gas-killing facility. Only Ilse Herta Zachmann initially escaped this fate (see corresponding entry).

It is not known whether and, if so, when relatives became aware of Ilse Goldschmidt’s death. On her birth register entry, it was noted that the registry office Chelm II registered her death on 7 Dec. 1940 under number 562/1940. Those murdered in Brandenburg, however, were never in Chelm (Polish) or Cholm (German), a town east of Lublin. The former Polish sanatorium there no longer existed after SS units had murdered almost all patients on 12 Jan. 1940. Also, there was no German records office in Chelm. Its fabrication and the use of postdated dates of death served to disguise the killing operation and at the same time enabled the authorities to claim higher care expenses for periods extended accordingly.

The father of the family, Jacob Goldschmidt, died on 10 Feb. 1942 at the Langenhorn "sanatorium and nursing home” due to age-related arteriosclerosis.

Ilse Goldschmidt's brother David Jacob was draftet to military service from September 1915 to October 1917. He fled from Germany to Switzerland in 1936.

Helene Hannchen Goldschmidt married Henry Eichelberg and lived in the USA.

Rahel Ester Goldschmidt married Nathan Arthur Joelson, born on 26 Jan. 1890 in Hamburg. Rabbi Nathan Arthur Joelson had taken part in the First World War as a soldier and suffered an injury permanently disabling him. In 1923, he became a partner in the I. Hildesheimer Hamburg Lottery Collection Office, until he established his own lottery vending business in 1929.

Siegmund Seligmann Goldschmidt was awarded a doctorate in law in 1930 and he opened a law office at 162 Grindelallee. After his licensing to practice law was revoked based on the "Fifth Ordinance to the Reich Citizenship Law” dated 15 Sept. 1938, he was unable to find a new job in Hamburg. He left Germany and henceforth lived in Palestine.

Hanna Goldschmidt, married name Dodeles, left Germany with her husband and lived in the USA.

Translator: Erwin Fink/Changes Ingo Wille
Kindly supported by the Hermann Reemtsma Stiftung, Hamburg.

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