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Erna Gottlieb (née Edelheim) * 1888

Isestraße 69 (Eimsbüttel, Harvestehude)

1941 Minsk

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Erna Gottlieb, née Edelheim, born on 9 Dec. 1888 in Hamburg, deported on 18 Nov. 1941 to Minsk

Erna Gottlieb was the daughter of Louis Lipmann Edelheim and Pauline Edelheim, née Arnold. She was divorced from her husband Eduard Gottlieb, who got married a second time to a woman of the Protestant faith. He died on 10 Jan. 1937. Both marriages remained childless.

In 1936, Erna Gottlieb joined the Hamburg Jewish Community. At that time, she lived as a subtenant on Loogestieg, and finally, since Jan. 1940, with the Holländer sisters at Isestrasse 69. In the end, she must have been supported by the Jewish welfare office.

She was deported to Minsk at the same time as her landladies.
During our inquiries, we hoped for a long time to have found in Erna Gottlieb a survivor of the Shoah. Eventually, however, we had to realize that there was a case of mistaken identity with another person named Erna Gottlieb. Erna Gottlieb’s date of death is not known.

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