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Stolperstein für Georg Hansen in der Talstraße
© Thomas Seelig

Georg Hansen * 1884

Talstraße 93 (Hamburg-Mitte, St. Pauli)

KZ Neuengamme
ermordet 22.01.1943

Christian Georg Arthur Hansen, born 30 July 1884, in prison 1926, 1939, and 1941, died 22 Jan. 1943 in the Neuengamme Concentration Camp

Talstraße 93 (Thalstraße 99)

Georg Hansen was originally from Schleswig. After his schooling he worked in a mill in Hamburg, and then attended a school for household servants. He fought in the First World War from 1914 to 1918. After the war he moved to Berlin, where he married Margarethe Falkenhayn and ran a pub. The couple divorced two years later. Georg Hansen moved to Hanover, where he worked as a cafeteria manager and cook.

On 19 March 1926 he was found guilty of violating the law against homosexuality and sentenced to seven months in prison. After his release in 1927 he moved to Hamburg where he found work at a fruit processing plant. In April 1939 he once again came into conflict with the law – he was arrested in the public restroom at Millerntor for homosexual activities. He was held in "protective custody” at the Fuhlsbüttel Concentration Camp from 26 April until 4 May, and was then sent to the Hamburg City pre-trial detention center. On 21 June the Hamburg District Court once again sentenced him to eight months in prison for violation of the law against homosexuality.

In late 1940 Georg Hansen again found himself in the clutches of the Nazi persecution machine. In the fall of that year and shortly before Christmas he had met two like-minded companions in The Anchor, an establishment known to cater to homosexual men, and had sex with them. One of his partners named Hansen when he was interrogated, which led to his arrest. The trial took place on 15 May 1941 before the Hamburg District Court. Hansen was charged with two counts of violation of the law against homosexuality. The judge found Hansen guilty on both counts and sentenced him to 18 months in prison. At the end of his sentence on 14 August 1942 he was released into police custody and sent to the Neuengamme Concentration Camp. He was registered there in September 1942 and given the prisoner number 10155. He was murdered at Neuengamme on 22 January 1943.

Translator: Amy Lee

Kindly supported by the Hermann Reemtsma Stiftung, Hamburg.

Stand: October 2016
© Bernhard Rosenkranz/Ulf Bollmann

Quellen: StaH 213-8 Staatsanwaltschaft Oberlandesgericht – Verwaltung, Abl. 2, 451 a E 1, 1 d; StaH 213-11 Staatsanwaltschaft Landgericht – Strafsachen, 5598/42; StaH 242-1 II Gefängnisverwaltung II, Abl. 13 und 16. / Foto Stolperstein: Thomas Seelig

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