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Stolperstein für Martha Hermann
Stolperstein für Martha Hermann

Martha Hermann (née Müller) * 1897

Besselstraße 4 (Harburg, Wilstorf)

JG. 1897
"VERLEGT" 25.11.1941
ERMORDET 26.12.1943

Martha Hermann, née Müller, born 19.1.1897 in Harburg, admitted to the Langenhorn Sanatorium and Nursing Home on 30.4.1937, transferred to the Ricklinger Anstalten sanatorium and nursing home of the Landesverein für Innere Mission on 5.9.1939, 'transferred' to the Pfafferode state sanatorium on 25.11.1941, murdered on 26.12.1943

Besselstraße 4, Harburg-Rönneburg

Martha Hermann was born on January 19, 1897, as the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Müller. Nothing is known about her family, her childhood and youth. In 1919 she married the construction worker Paul Hermann. The Hermann couple lived at Besselstraße 4.

Presumably due to a previous illness that had not been treated or could not be treated, Martha Hermann suffered a personality breakdown. In June 1936, she underwent a malaria cure at the Harburg Municipal Hospital. On April 13, 1937, she was admitted to the Friedrichsberg State Hospital. She remained there for two weeks and was transferred by consolidated transport to the Langenhorn Sanatorium and Nursing Home on April 30, 1937.

In the more than two years that Martha Hermann lived in the there, her health did not change. The patient was described as calm and orderly, but with physical limitations due to illness.

On Sept 5, 1939 she was "transferred" to the Ricklinger Anstalten. This institution was considered a possibility to house sick people extremely cheaply. Patient meals and medical care were reduced to a minimum. Martha Hermann also remained in this institution for about two years.

On November 15, 1941, she was "transferred" to the Pfafferode State Sanatorium in Thuringia. This institution was particularly involved in the implementation of forced sterilizations and the "Euthanasia" program. Up to 3000 patients met their deaths through starvation diets, cold treatments and overdoses of medication.

Martha Hermann died there on December 16, 1943.

Translation Beate Meyer

Stand: February 2023
© Margrit Rüth

Quellen: Staatsarchiv Hamburg 352-8/7 Abl. 1/1995 Nr. 23982; Einwohnerbuch Harburg-Wilhelmsburg 1937; Hamburger Gedenkbuch Euthanasie. DIE TOTEN 1939-1945 (Jenner/Wunder); Schilling, Willy: Thüringen 1933-1945.

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