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Albert Löb * 1889

Susannenstraße 4 (Altona, Sternschanze)

JG. 1889

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Albert Friedrich Löb, born on 24 Feb. 1889 in Vallendar/Rhineland, deported on 8 Nov. 1941 to Minsk, date of death unknown

Susannenstrasse 4 (Heinrich-Dreckmannstrasse 4)

Albert Friedrich Löb came from the small town of Vallendar north of Koblenz, where he was born on 24 Feb. 1889 as the son of Josef and Julie Löb, née Stein. It is not known when he registered with the authorities in Hamburg; it is impossible to establish either his or his father’s arrival using the Hamburg directory. By 1929 at the latest, Albert Löb was registered in Hamburg, initially in Altona-Neustadt, then for a few weeks in St. Pauli, before he moved to Wandsbek temporarily in Sept. 1936. Shortly afterward, he returned to St. Pauli, living on Bartelsstrasse. At his last address, Susannenstrasse 4 with the Strellnauer family, Albert Löb resided since Sept. 1939 until his "resettlement” ("Aussiedelung”) on 8 Nov. 1941 to Minsk.

On his tax card, Albert Löb was listed as a "metalworker,” later as an "unskilled laborer.” The deportation list identifies him as a "cigar maker.” Probably he no longer had a job as early as 1930, since no tax contributions are entered; as of 1935, he was registered as unemployed. With his deportation to Minsk on 8 Nov. 1941, all of his traces disappear. Whether and for how long Albert Löb still lived in the Minsk Ghetto is not known. His tax card contains the matter-of-fact remark: "Declared dead by decision of the Hamburg Regional Court [Landgericht Hbg.] dated 22 Apr. 1951, file no. 54 II 1773/30.”

See also the biography on the Strellnauer family.

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