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Arthur Schulze * 1897

Große Brunnenstraße 51/53 (Altona, Ottensen)

TOT 28.5.1945

Arthur Schulze, born on 28.7.1897 in Lüneburg, arrested on 6.4.1945, imprisonment in Fuhlsbüttel police prison and Kiel-Hassee camp, died as a result of imprisonment in Bordesholm naval hospital on 28.5.1945.

Große Brunnenstraße 51/53

The locksmith Arthur Robert Wilhelm Schulze, last employed at the Leonar-Werke in Wandsbek, was a member of the Hamburg resistance group "Kampf dem Faschismus" (Fight against Fascism), also called "KDF- Gruppe" (KDF Group) - the abbreviation of the name deliberately coincided with the National Socialist slogan "Kraft durch Freude" (Strength through Joy). From a former loose circle of friends, a resistance group had developed that also included forced laborers and prisoners of war. The group hid politically persecuted persons and Jewish children, supported foreigners with ration cards and occasionally carried out sabotage in production plants.

Beginning in 1944, the Resistance set up weapons caches and made plans to support the Allies and liberate the prisoners from Neuengamme concentration camp. But the group was targeted by the Gestapo, and several members were arrested and imprisoned in Fuhlsbüttel Prison, including Arthur Schulze.

After a five-day detention period from April 6 to 11, 1945, in Fuhlsbüttel Concentration Camp, he and other prisoners were forced to begin the "death march" on April 12, 1945, to the reception camp in Kiel-Hassee, a detention center of the Schleswig-Holstein Gestapo, where he survived until the liberation of the prisoners on May 4, 1945. He was immediately admitted to the Bordesholm Naval Hospital, where he died two weeks later, on May 28, at the age of 47, of acute myocardial insufficiency.

Arthur Schulze was survived by his wife Elise Schulze, née Lüttchens, and two adult children, Ruth Zacharias, née Schulze, born in 1924, and Reinhold Schulze, born in 1928.

Elise Schulze stated to the Hamburg Special Assistance Committee in 1946 that her husband had died as a result of mistreatment and malnutrition during his imprisonment.

Translation by Beate Meyer
Stand: February 2022
© Birgit Gewehr

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