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Etelka Weisz (Weiss) * 1885

Winckelmannstraße 25 (Altona, Nienstedten)

JG. 1885

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Etelka Weisz, born on 1 Apr. 1885, deported on 6 Dec. 1941 to Riga

Winckelmannstrasse 25 (Hindenburgstrasse)

Etelka Weisz was born on 1 Apr. 1885 in what was then the Hungarian town of Neutra (Nyitra, since 1918 Czechoslovakian, today Slovakian). Her parents, Joseph Adolf Weisz and his wife Julia, were Jewish. Since the early 1920s, Etelka Weisz operated a millinery and finery goods shop in Rostock at Blutstrasse 1. After the war, a long-standing female customer confirmed in the restitution proceedings that the hat boutique had been "the leading hat salon in Rostock.” Etelka Weisz paid for the apprenticeship of her godchild, her niece Gretel Weisz from Hamburg, the daughter of her brother, to become a milliner. Gretel Weisz was to take over the business after completing her period of training, receiving it as her property, and cover her godmother’s living from the revenues. Gretel Weisz’s family was doing badly since the business activities of her father, a self-employed commercial agent, had slumped from 1933 onward. In 1938, Etelka Weisz was deprived of her business in Rostock without any compensation in the course of "Aryanization.” She went to Hamburg and took shelter with her brother. Initially, she lived at Sedanstrasse 23, a Jewish retirement home. Then she kept house for the Jewish Rothschild family at Hindenburgstrasse 25 (today Winckelmannstrasse). After the family had lost the house and was quartered in a "Jews’ house” ("Judenhaus”), Etelka Weisz lived in a Jewish retirement home again until her deportation. On 6 Dec. 1941, she was transported to Riga where she perished. Her niece Gretel Weisz, who was considered a "half Jew of the second degree” ("Halbjüdin 2. Grades”), survived.

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Quellen: 1; 4; 5; StaH 351-11 Amt für Wiedergutmachung, 42837 (Weisz, Etelka).
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