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Jacob Wertheimer * 1885

Von-Sauer-Straße 5 (Altona, Bahrenfeld)

1941 Minsk

further stumbling stones in Von-Sauer-Straße 5:
Helene Wertheimer

Jacob Wertheimer, b. 8.12.1885, deported to Minsk on 11.8.1941
Helene Wertheimer, née Kaufmann, b. 9.24.1885, deported to Minsk on 11.8.1941

Von-Sauer-Straße 5

Jacob Wertheimer came from Gengenbach near Karlsruhe in Baden. He worked as a merchant in Bahrenfeld dealing in tobacco, and he ran a cigar shipping business. His wife Helene, née Kaufmann, and he belonged to the Jewish Congregation.

Helene Wertheimer was born in Aachen, the daughter of Henrietta Kaufmann. With her deceased first husband by the name of Weinberg, she had had a daughter, Irmgard Weinberg, born in Buer, Westphalia on 6.17.1914.

Helene and Jacob Wertheimer lived in Bahrenfeld on the third floor at Wangerstrase 1b, today Von-Sauer-Strasse. At this address in November 1941, they received their deportation order. Both were 56 years old when they were transported to Minsk, the occupied capital city of White Russia, on 8 November 1941. Helene and Jacob Wertheimer perished in Minsk, the exact date of death unknown.

After deportation, their household goods, together with those of their sub-lessee Ernst Dessauer, were auctioned off. According to the office that assessed confiscated assets, the auction brought in RM 691.35

In May 1939, Helene Wertheimer’s daughter Irmgard Weinberg was able to emigrate to England. In 1977, by which time she was married and lived in the USA, she bore witness to the fate of her mother and stepfather at the Yad Vashem Memorial site in Israel.

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Quellen: 1; 2 (30 UA 18); 4; 8; StaH 424-11 Amtsgericht Altona, 6493 (Todeserklärung Jacob Wertheimer).
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