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Maximilian Bermann * 1875

Isestraße 36 (Eimsbüttel, Harvestehude)

JG. 1875
ERMORDET 1.8.1942

further stumbling stones in Isestraße 36:
Lina Karoline Bermann, Agathe Blanck, Anita Coutinho, Carl Frank, Else Frank, Laura Heldberg, Walter Heldberg, Eduard Meyer, Berta Meyer, Arnold Meyer, Frieda Meyer

Maximilian Bermann, born on 8 Apr. 1875 in Weissenthurm, deported on 15 July 1942 to Theresienstadt, died there on 1 Aug. 1942
Lina Karoline Bermann, née Jonas, born on 1 Oct. 1879 in Heddesdorf (Neuwied), deported on 15 July 1942 to Theresienstadt, deported further on 23 Oct. 1944 to Auschwitz

Lina and Maximilian Bermann moved from Buer in Westphalia to Hamburg only in Dec. 1936. For four years, they lived on Isestraße. In Feb. 1942, they had to move into the "Jews’ house” ("Judenhaus”) at Kielortallee 22. From there, they set out on 15 July 1942 for the school at Schanzenstraße, to be deported from there to Theresienstadt. Maximilian Bermann died there already after two weeks. Lina Bermann survived in Theresienstadt for more than two years, even maintaining contacts to Hamburg as the reproduced postcard shows.
She was taken to Auschwitz on transport Et in Oct. 1944 and murdered there.

Translator: Erwin Fink
Kindly supported by the Hermann Reemtsma Stiftung, Hamburg.

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