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Henriette Cohen (née Behrens) * 1885

Woldsenweg 13 (Hamburg-Nord, Eppendorf)

1942 Lodz

further stumbling stones in Woldsenweg 13:
Juliane Appel, Siegmund Goldschmidt, Mathilde Laski

Henriette Cohen, née Behrens, born 17 Feb. 1885 in Hamburg, deported 25 Oct. 1941 to Lodz, murdered 20 Apr. 1942 in Chelmno

Woldsenweg 13

Very little is known about Henriette Cohen. She rented out rooms on Haynstraße, and then, from 1941 onwards, in her apartment at Woldsenweg 13. At this address she let rooms to Siegmund Goldschmidt (born 1887) and Mathilde Laski, née Kallmess (born 1888) (see their biographies). All three were deported to Lodz and murdered.

Translator(s): Amy Lee

Translation kindly supported by the Hermann Reemtsma Stiftung, Hamburg

© Johannes Grossmann

Quellen: 4; 5; 8; StaH 522-1 Jüd. Gemeinden, 992e2 Band 1.
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