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Jenny Cohn * 1865

Kielortallee 23 (Eimsbüttel, Eimsbüttel)

JG. 1865
ERMORDET 26.8.1942

further stumbling stones in Kielortallee 23:
Bertha Cohn, Minna Fleischhauer, Martha Häfner, Marianne Lange, Olga Schey

Bertha Cohn, born 31 July 1870 in Altona, deported 15 July 1942 to Theresienstadt, 21 Sep. 1942 to Treblinka
Jenny Cohn, born 24 Feb. 1865 in Hamburg, deported 15 July 1942 to Theresienstadt, died there 26 Aug. 1942

Kielortallee 23

Jenny Cohn was born in Altona, the eldest daughter of Isaac and Friederike (Tachan) Cohn. Like her younger sister Bertha she never married, and worked as an independent seamstress on Neuer Wall, one of the best addresses for women’s clothing. In 1926 she and her sister moved to Rutschbahn 41a in the Grindel Quarter. Jenny probably supported both herself and her sister financially. When the sisters applied for an apartment in the Vaterstädtische Trust on 2 December 1933, Jenny listed her income as 2400 Reichsmarks as an insurance agent. Her church tax records also indicate that her income was sufficient to support herself and her sister. In September 1934 the two women moved into Apartment No. 21 in the Rosenthal Home for the Elderly at Kielortallee 23. One month later they both became members of the Jewish Community. When the Vaterstädische Trust was "Aryanized,” the sisters were forced to move to Apartment No. 7 in the former Warburg Trust at Bundesstraße 43, which had been designated a "Jews’s house.” Both women were deported from there to Theresienstadt on 15 July 1942. Jenny Cohn survived the stress of the deportation and the living conditions at Theresienstadt for only one month. Bertha Cohn was sent from Theresienstadt to Treblinka on 21 September 1942, where she was murdered immediately upon arrival.

Translator(s): Amy Lee

Translation kindly supported by the Hermann Reemtsma Stiftung, Hamburg

© Angela Schwarz

Quellen: 1; 4; 5; Archiv Vaterstädtische Stiftung; StaH 522-1 Jüdische Gemeinden 992 b.

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