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Ernst Dehle * 1878

Lobuschstraße 33 (Altona, Ottensen)

entrechtet gedemütigt
Flucht in den Tod 12.03.1939 KZ Fuhlsbüttel

Ernst Christian Max Dehle, born on 30 Mar. 1878, detained in Mar. 1939, deprived of his rights and humiliated, flight into death on 12 Mar. 1939 in the Fuhlsbüttel concentration camp

Lobuschstrasse 33 (Altona, Ottensen)

The claim adjuster (Regulierungsbeamte) Ernst Dehle belongs to the group of homosexuals for whom no criminal justice records exist. Only a file of the police authority in the collection entitled "unnatural deaths” as well as a list calculating invoices for costs of "protective custody” of the Fuhlsbüttel concentration camp contain clues to Ernst Dehle’s fate. For this reason, merely a few basic data concerning his story have been handed down.

Ernst Dehle was born on 30 Mar. 1878 as the son of the carpenter Johann Martin Dehle and his wife Helene Rudolphine Wilhelmine (née Eltzinger) in Klein Flottbek. At the time of his arrest on 9 Mar. 1939 by the K 24 Office of the Criminal Investigation Department, responsible for offenses against Secs. 175, 175 a, he lived as a subtenant on Lohbuschstrasse. He was placed in "police protective custody” ("polizeiliche Schutzhaft”) and taken to the Fuhlsbüttel concentration camp. Three days later, he committed suicide there.

Translator: Erwin Fink
Kindly supported by the Hermann Reemtsma Stiftung, Hamburg.

© Bernhard Rosenkranz (+)/Ulf Bollmann

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