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Aron de Vries * 1860

Grindelallee 178 (Eimsbüttel, Rotherbaum)

JG. 1860
ERMORDET 16.10.1942

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Richa Elfriede de Vries, Jettchen Stern, Hanna Stern

Aron de Vries, b. 8.22.1860 in Leer, deported to Theresienstadt in 1942, killed on 10.16.1942
Richa (Ricka/Recha/Rika) Elfriede de Vries, née Rosenberg, b. 6.7.1868 in Neuenkirchen, Westphalia, deported to Theresienstadt in 1942, killed on 3.4.1943

Grindelallee 178

Aron de Vries was the son of Israel de Vries and Minna, née de Vries. He operated a cattle dealing business in Leer with his brothers Moses and Israel. The parents of his wife Richa were named Herz and Rosalie Rosenberg, née Mayer. Aron and Richa had four children: Erna (b. 11.28.1891 in Leer), Marta (b. on 11.21.1896), Gertrud (b. 11.5.1898) and Hermann (b. 9.26.1900). In the year of Gertrud’s birth, Aron de Vries and his brothers opened a branch of the business in Bochum. Ten years later, in 1918, the family left Bochum, because Aron had found work as a cattle dealer in Insterburg, East Prussia (today Chernyakhovsk, Russia). After the taking of power by the National Socialists, his license was withdrawn in 1934 "on racial grounds.” In 1936, Aron and Ricka de Vries left Insterburg for Hamburg where, impoverished, they initially lived at Schäferkampsallee 61. They moved from there in the same year to Grindelallee 178. In December 1940, they were assigned to the "Jew house” at Bundesstrasse 35. It was there that the couple received a deportation order for the transport of 15 July 1942 bound for the Theresienstadt ghetto. Aron de Vries died, at 82 years of age, amid the unbearable conditions there on 16 October 1942, the result of pulmonary edema. In the report on the cause of death, the responsible physician noted that he had also suffered from intestinal inflammation and discharge as well as an infection of the right foot. Richa de Vries died of pneumonia five months after her husband. Prior to her death she had a right femoral neck fracture. Their eldest daughter Erna had married the businessman Louis Behr who came from Celle. Together with their daughter Susanne (b. 1922) they were sent to Minsk on 8 November 1941 and murdered there. For Erna, Louis, and Susanne Behr a memorial stone has been placed at Schäferkampsallee 61 (see "Stolpersteine in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel und Hoheluft-West” and also,

Translator: Richard Levy
Kindly supported by the Hermann Reemtsma Stiftung, Hamburg.

© Frauke Steinhäuser

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