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Stolperstein für Kurt Albin Friedrich
© Johann-Hinrich Möller

Kurt Albin Friedrich * 1903

Höltystraße 15 (Hamburg-Nord, Uhlenhorst)

JG. 1903
ERMORDET 13.8.1944

Kurt Albin Friedrich, born on 30 May 1903, died on 13 Aug. 1944 in the Fuhlsbüttel concentration camp

Höltystraße 15

The Communist Kurt Albin Friedrich was born in Hildburghausen, a town in southern Thuringia. After attending school, Kurt Friedrich started and completed university studies in economics. In Hamburg, Kurt Friedrich found a job as a commercial clerk with the I. G. Farben Company. He lived with his wife Gerda at Höltystrasse 15. The couple had no children.

Because of his membership in the German Communist Party (KPD), Kurt Friedrich was arrested several times following the Nazis’ assumption of power. He and his wife were active in the illegal Communist resistance. For instance, his wife Gerda later recalled, "In the winter of 1943/44, my husband asked me several times to procure silver coins and pieces of clothes. They were to be used for comrades who had not returned to prison after the 1943 catastrophe [the bombing of Hamburg, which had resulted in a temporary release of some prisoners due to lack of prison space] and had been living underground since then.”

Kurt Friedrich belonged to the inner leadership circle of the illegal "Bästlein-Jacob-Abshagen” resistance organization. Friedrich worked in the so-called I-Apparat, an intelligence service passing information critical of the Nazi regime to members of the Wehrmacht.

On 13 June 1944, Kurt Friedrich was arrested and detained by the Gestapo for "preparation to high treason” in the Fuhlsbüttel concentration camp. Two months later, on 13 Aug. 1944, Kurt Friedrich died in the concentration camp due to the effects of torturing.

Translator: Erwin Fink

Kindly supported by the Hermann Reemtsma Stiftung, Hamburg.

© Carmen Smiatacz

Quellen: StaHH 213-9, Staatsanwaltschaft Oberlandesgericht, Js 13/45; Diercks: Gedenkbuch "KOLA-FU", S. 21; Hochmuth/Meyer: Streiflichter aus dem Hamburger Widerstand, S. 357, S. 371, S. 385; VVN, Hin­ter­bliebenenkartei; VVN, Unsere Toten; Totenliste Hamburger Widerstandskämpfer und Verfolgter 1933–1945.

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