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Hugo Friedmann * 1882

Sierichstraße 153 (Hamburg-Nord, Winterhude)

JG. 1882

further stumbling stones in Sierichstraße 153:
Emma Guttmann, Grete Lewin, Lucian Luca, Rudolf Luca, Else Luca, Emil Mirabeau, Edith Schneeroff, Leo Schneeroff

Hugo Friedmann, born 16 July 1882 in Köthen, suicide on 24 Aug. 1942 in Hamburg

Sierichstraße 153

Hugo Friedmann's parents were Isidor Friedmann and his wife Sophie, née Ehrlich. The family was Jewish, but Hugo married the Catholic Ella Johanna Hulda Heres from Magdeburg on December 13, 1933. The marriage remained childless. Hugo Friedmann was a bookseller by profession.

He became the owner of the villa-like terraced house Sierichstraße 153 as late as the 1930's. He did not join the Jewish Religious Association of Hamburg until December 1939, when "full Jews" had to become members of the Reich Association. On his tax card, he is described as a "dissident", which is to be interpreted in the sense of "non-denominational". He paid relatively high contributions due to his property: 291 Reichsmark in 1939, 254 Reichsmark in 1940 and 170 Reichsmark in 1941.

Hugo Friedmann's status was somewhat more secure through his "non-privileged mixed marriage" than the situation of "purely Jewish" couples or individuals. In 1942 he was still listed in the address book as the owner of the house at Sierichstraße 153. Since 1939, more and more Jewish subtenants gathered in the house, although it remains unclear whether he took them in voluntarily or whether they were committed there:

The Luca family (see moved in there as early as 1939, and the Jewish couple Meyer (Karl Harald, born 25 Nov. 1906, and Lilly Antonie, née Honig, born 20 Sept. 1910) were also registered there in 1939. In 1941, the Schneeroff couple (see and the pensioner Jenny Löwengard, née Kanitz (born 12 Oct. 1869 in Vienna), were followed by Emma Guttmann (see and Emil Mirabeau (see around 1942. Grete Lewin, née Hattendorf (born 16 July 1898 in Osternburg), who had previously lived in Westerstraße am Klostertor, was also accommodated there before her deportation.

One can only guess what kind of atmosphere must have prevailed in this house, whose inhabitants felt or knew that neither their stay in Hamburg nor their survival was desired by the state. The Schneeroffs and the Lucas were deported in October 1941. On July 15, 1942, Emil Mirabeau preferred suicide to this fate. On 19 July 1942 Grete Lewin and Emma Guttmann followed the deportation order, Jenny Löwengard died the same day by suicide. (A stumbling block was laid for her in front of the house at 40 Heimhuder Strasse.)
Hugo Friedmann also died by his own hand on 24 Aug. 1942.

The Meyer couple survived the Shoah in Brasil.

Translation: Beate Meyer

Stand: May 2020
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