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Lea Helene, Isidor, Sara Zerline und Sally Fries (von links nach rechts)
Lea Helene, Isidor, Sara Zerline und Sally Fries (von links nach rechts)
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Isidor Fries * 1855

Heußweg 16 (Eimsbüttel, Eimsbüttel)

JG. 1855
ERMORDET 10.8.1943

Isidor Fries, born on 1.10.1855 in Hamburg, deported to the Theresienstadt ghetto on 9.6.1943, died there on 10.8.1943.

Heussweg 16

Isidor Fries came from a Jewish family in Hamburg and was born on October 1, 1855. His father Salomon Levin Friesländer (1816 - 1892) had changed his name to Louis Fries and received the Hamburg citizenship in 1852. Louis Fries had married three times and in the first two marriages had become the father of seven children - four girls and three boys. Isidor and his younger sister Lea (called Helene, born 1856) were from the second marriage to Sara Fries, née Israel. The sisters Ribecka (called Barbara, born Dec. 3, 1844 in Hamburg), Esther (called Emma, born 1848), Sara (called Zerline, born 1853), and the brothers Sally (born 1851) and Leopold (born 1858) were Isidor's half-siblings from his first marriage to Selly (Seli), née Hirsch.

Nothing is known about Isidor's childhood, youth, and professional education. He became a merchant and "agent" (representative) for shoe goods. In January 1880 he married Fanny Gabriel from Paderborn, also Jewish, a daughter of Abraham Gabriel and Rika, née Lobbenberg. The couple's first child was their daughter Erna (born 1880). Four sons followed: Max Paul (born 1881), Leonhard (born 1883), Oskar (born 1884) and Walter (born 1886).

The family moved frequently. When the children Erna and Leonhard were born, they lived in Hamburg-St. Pauli at Neue Rosenstraße 31 (Neue Rosenstraße ran north from Neuer Pferdemarkt), in 1906 at Grindelallee 5, and, when Erna married in 1907, at Paulinenstraße 15. In the 1920s they lived on Heide Straße in Hoheluft (now Heider Straße), after which Isidor Fries and his wife moved to the new apartment building at Heussweg 16 in 1931, presumably the last address they voluntarily chose.

Fanny Fries died in February 1939, when they both lived at Hansastraße 40. Isidor Fries last lived in the Jewish old people's home, which was used as a "Judenhaus", at Beneckestraße 6. On June 9, 1943, he was deported to Theresienstadt, by which time he was already a very old man at 88. His half-sister Sara Zerline Polack, née Fries, belonged to the same transport to Theresienstadt.

Isidor Fries survived the hardships of the deportation only a few weeks. He died on 10.8.1943.

His daughter Erna, née Löw, was deported to Riga on December 6, 1941 (for the fate of her family see Erna and Leo Löw, see

The son Max Paul emigrated to the USA in 1903, where he became a successful entrepreneur.

The son Leonhard, an artist, was listed in the 1906 address book as a "painter." In 1907, he joined his brother Max Paul in America. From the mid-1910s he lived in Berlin. He became a well-known commercial artist and advertising painter. Due to persecution, he emigrated to London in 1933, where he died on June 12, 1953.

The name of the son Oskar Fries is also listed in the Berlin address books from the mid-1910s with the address Schöneberg, Badensche Straße 10, sometimes with the addition of "Wäschefabrik" or "Taschentuchfabrik". That Oskar emigrated to Copenhagen is suggested by an entry on the tax file of the Jewish Community of Hamburg.

Isidor Fries' youngest son Walter was deported from Berlin to Auschwitz on January 12, 1943 and murdered there.

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