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Anna Fürth (née Frank) * 1899

St. Benedictstraße 29 (Eimsbüttel, Harvestehude)

JG. 1899

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Paula Frank, Olga Joseph, Rosa Seidler

Anna Fürth, née Frank, born on 18 Feb. 1899, humiliated/deprived of her rights, flight to death on 11 Nov. 1941

St. Benedictstrasse 29 (Harvestehude)

Anna Frank was born on 18 Feb. 1899 as the second of two children of the married couple Simon Samuel Frank and his wife Paula, née Meyer, in Hamburg at Klosterallee 22 in Harvestehude. (Samuel Frank died on 2 Apr. 1916, Paula Frank followed on 11 Nov. 1941; both were buried in the Jewish Cemetery on Ilandkoppel. On Paula Frank, see

Anna and her brother Edgar Frank (born on 4 Dec. 1893) were raised Lutheran.

When Anna’s father died, her mother moved with the children to Schlüterstrasse 14 in the Rotherbaum quarter. They resided there until 1927.

On 4 Nov. 1927, Anna Frank married in Hamburg Siegmund Fürth, who was born in Frankfurt/Main on 15 Nov. 1889. He was the fifth of seven children born to the Jewish couple Wilhelm Fürth and Henriette Fürth, née Katzenstein. (Henriette Fürth was a committed women’s rights activist, publicist, sociologist, and social and municipal politician for the SPD [German Social Democratic Party]; since 2004, a prize awarded for a scientific paper on gender issues has been bearing her name.)

For Siegmund Fürth, the marriage constituted the third marital union. His first one had remained childless (to Grete Fürth, née Mosbacher, born on 1 Jan. 1892 in Bochum, died on 14 Jan. 1977 in Haifa/Israel). We do not know when the divorce took place. Siegmund Fürth’s second marriage was to Paula, née Nathan (born on 10 Aug. 1896), widowed name Victor. Her son Raphael Victor (born on 10 May 1924) was adopted by Siegmund Fürth. However, the marriage ended in divorce. Siegmund Fürth was a committed member of Hamburg’s Jewish Community and he had been a member of the SPD since 11 May 1925.

Starting on 2 Aug. 1927, Siegmund Fürth worked as a licensed attorney in Hamburg. The Fürth couple lived at Löwenstrasse 10 and moved to Heimhuder Strasse 68 in the fall of 1928. Their daughter Marianne was born in Hamburg on 25 Nov. 1928. The couple separated on 15 Mar. 1929 and divorced on 15 May 1929.

Following the divorce, Anna Fürth and her daughter moved in with her mother at Heimhuder Strasse 37, which belonged to Anna’s brother Edgar. By this time, they lived off the reserve funds and rental income from the apartments at Hansastrasse 55/Harvestehude as well as at Kieler Strasse 27–31 (today Clemens-Schultz-Strasse)/St. Pauli, which Anna Fürth’s late father Samuel Frank had purchased as early as 1901 to provide financial security for his family.

When Edgar Frank had to sell the house on Heimhuder Strasse, Anna Fürth, her daughter, and her mother moved to St. Benedictstrasse 29 on 13 Oct. 1938.

In 1938, for reasons unknown to us, Anna Fürth was admitted to hospital for an extended period and then to a sanatorium in Berlin. Her mother bore the costs of the hospital and sanatorium stays.

On 29 Dec. 1940, Marianne Fürth died of meningitis at Eppendorf University Hospital. She was buried in the Ilandkoppel Jewish Cemetery.

Paula Frank and Anna Fürth then rented out a room to subtenant Paul Salomon, who moved in on 31 Dec. 1938. (His house at St. Benedictstrasse 27 had been sold to non-Jewish buyers. Paul and Lucie Salomon committed suicide on 22 Sept. 1941. See Paula Frank and Anna Fürth rented out an additional room to another subtenant, the property manager Carl Albrecht (born on 3 Sept. 1871), in the summer of 1941 (He suffered a heart attack on 14 Apr. 1942, which caused him to die).

On 11 Nov. 1941, with two large-scale deportations from Hamburg having left already and the third being imminent, Paula Frank and Anna Fürth chose suicide. They took their own lives using barbiturates in their apartment at St. Benedictstrasse 29. Found dead there, they were buried three days later in the Ilandkoppel Jewish Cemetery.

Details on the fate of Anna Fürth’s brother:
Edgar Frank (born on 4 Mar. 1893) and his wife Ruth, née Saul (born on 12 May 1902), had the children Lotte (born on 15 Mar. 1923), Werner (born on 9 Sept. 1926), and Gerda (born on 29 June 1931). The family fled to the USA in 1938. Edgar Frank passed away there on 19 Sept. 1961.

Details on the fate of Anna Fürth’s divorced husband:
Siegmund Fürth, banned from practicing law, left Germany on 5 Jan. 1936 and traveled to Haifa/Israel as a tourist. He returned to Israel to join his second wife and her son Raphael Fürth (born on 10 May 1924), who later changed his name to Efrath. Siegmund Fürth passed away in Israel on 8 Nov. 1975.

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