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Stolperstein für Albrecht Garbers
Stolperstein für Albrecht Garbers

Albrecht Garbers * 1915

Buxtehuder Straße (Höhe Parkhaus Marktkauf) (Harburg, Harburg)

JG. 1915
"VERLEGT" 16.12.1943
ERMORDET 27.7.1944

Albrecht Garbers, born 16.7.1915 in Harburg, admitted to the Langenhorn Sanatorium and Nursing Home on 28.8.1943, 'transferred' 16.12.1943 to the Ricklinger Anstalten Sanatorium and Nursing Home of the Landesverein für Innere Mission, died there on 27.7.1944.

Buxtehuder Straße
(height of entrance to Marktkauf parking garage) (formerly Werderstraße 72) Harburg

Albrecht Garbers was born in Harburg on July 16, 1915. He lived with his parents Elise and Alfred Garbers and three brothers at Werderstraße 72. Albrecht Garbers was mentally handicapped from birth and suffered from epileptic seizures. Due to his disability, he could not attend school. The mother cared for her sick son for many years, even after the death of her husband.

On August 25, 1943, the mother, with a "heavy heart”, as her letter stated, applied to have her son placed in a nursing home. She no longer saw herself in a position to continue to care for her sick son in the manner she had hitherto.

Albrecht Garbers was admitted to the Langenhorn Sanatorium and Nursing Home by a brother on August 28, 1943. He remained there from August 29, 1943, until December 16, 1943, when he was transferred to the Ricklinger Institutions (Anstalten).

The Ricklinger Institution run by the Landesverein für Innere Mission (part of the protestant church) was considered an extremely cheep option for keeping sick people. Patient catering was reduced to a minimum, and medical care was also inadequate. During the Nazi period, several doctors who protested against the treatment of patients were dismissed and replaced by physicians loyal to the line.

Albrecht Garbers died there on July 27, 1944.

Translation Beate Meyer

© Margrit Rüth

Quellen: Staatsarchiv Hamburg 352-8/7 Sign.Abl. 1/1995 Nr. 32143; Einwohnerbuch Harburg-Wilhelmsburg 1938; Hamburger Gedenkbuch Euthanasie DIE TOTEN 1939-1945 (Jenner/Wunder) S. 198.

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