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Already layed Stumbling Stones

Hanna Flörsheim * 1931

Grindelhof 17 (Eimsbüttel, Rotherbaum)

1941 Minsk

further stumbling stones in Grindelhof 17:
Dr. Arthur Flörsheim, Frieda Flörsheim, Margot Flörsheim

Dr. Arthur Flörsheim, b. 3.23.1890 in Bad Wildungen, deported to Minsk on 11.8.1941, perished there
Frieda Flörsheim, née Valk, b. 4.2.1902 in Emden, deported to Minsk on 11.8.1941, perished there
Hanna Flörsheim, b. am 1.12.1931 in Hamburg, deported to Minsk on 11.8.1941, perished there
Margot Flörsheim, b. 5.19.1927, deported to Minsk on 11.8.1941, perished there
Elise Valk, b. 9.30.1873 in Emden, deported to Minsk on 11.8.1941, perished there

Grindelhof 17

Arthur Flörsheim ran a dental practice for National Health patients in Eimsbüttel, until April 1933, when Jewish physicians were eliminated from the National Health system. Thereafter, he opened a private practice in the Grindel quarter. On 8 November 1941, he was deported to Minsk and is considered missing as of 18 November 1941. His wife Frieda, née Valk, their daughters Margot and Hanna, as well as Elise Valk (see Grindelhof 17), his mother-in-law, were deported to Minsk on 18 November 1941. It is probable that Elise Valk had moved to Hamburg after the death of her husband, Simon Valk in Emden in 1930. Since the end of the war on May 1945, the family is considered deceased.

The only survivor was a daughter, Sonja Ruth, who married Schindelheim. She was born in Hamburg on 20 October 1925. According to a document in the Chief Financial Authority Office, the entire family planned to emigrate to Holland in early 1939. Apparently, this did not work out. Yet Sonja Ruth, who attended a private school in Hamburg, got to Antwerp in Belgium with the help of a Children’s Transport. In 1940, after the invasion of Belgium by German armed forces, she took flight once again and, via France, succeeded in getting to Portugal, where she again attended a private school. Like her father, she wanted to become a dentist. However, for financial reasons these plans were not realizable. In 1941, she emigrated to the USA.

Translator: Richard Levy
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