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Katharina Ebensberger (née Zentheimer) * 1877

Gärtnerstraße 107 (Eimsbüttel, Hoheluft-West)

JG. 1877
TOT 9.4.1943

Katharina Ebensberger, née Zentheimer, born on 9 Oct. 1877 in Vienna, deported on 19 July 1942 to Theresienstadt, died there on 9 Apr. 1943

Gärtnerstrasse 107

We know almost nothing about Katharina Ebensberger. Only a few pieces of information are available in Hamburg and Munich: She was born in Vienna. Her parents were Julius Zentheimer and Karoline, née Lichtenstein. In 1901, Katharina Zentheimer got married in Munich to the Catholic Max Ebensberger, according to Nazi diction an "Aryan,” who died in 1927. Between 1899 and 1912, the couple had nine children. Only three daughters – Albertine (born in 1899), Katharina Luise (born in 1902), and Frieda (born in 1912) – survived beyond childhood. They were raised in the Catholic faith.

From 1910 to 1934, Katharina Ebensberger lived in Munich at Untere Weidenstrasse. In 1934, she moved twice and apparently rented space as a subtenant. In May 1936, she moved to Hamburg. We do not know the reason for this relocation. When the Reich Association [of Jews in Germany] (Reichsvereinigung [der Juden in Deutschland]) started a file card for her in 1940, Katharina Ebensberger lived at Gärtnerstrasse 107, raised ground floor, with Rossel. From there, the 64-year-old was deported to Theresienstadt, where she died at the age of 65.

Translator: Erwin Fink
Kindly supported by the Hermann Reemtsma Stiftung, Hamburg.

© Susanne Lohmeyer

Quellen: 1; 4; 5; 7; Stadtarchiv München, Datenbank zum "Biographischen Gedenkbuch der Münchner Juden 1933–1945".
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