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Already layed Stumbling Stones

© Archivum Panstwowe, Lodz

Georg Traube * 1884

Hammer Weg 33 ggü. 36 (Hamburg-Mitte, Hamm)

JG. 1884
TOT 12.3.1942

further stumbling stones in Hammer Weg 33 ggü. 36:
Wilhelm Dettmann, Babette Löw

Georg Traube, born 11/4/1894, deported to Lodz 10/25/1941, died there 3/12/1942

Hammer Weg right, driveway to the sports ground (Hammer Weg 37 I b. Löw)

Georg Traube’s registration in the Lodz ghetto on January 6th, 1942 read: "The above mentioned has moved into apartment no. 30b in Cranachstrasse No. 20 with 5 persons 1 room – kitchen on 1/5/1942.” There is no mention of where and how he had spent the 10 weeks since his arrival. The profession entered was his former, "merchant”, and not "earth worker” according to the transport list, his status as "single.” On his departure slip, his status was given as "divorced.”

Georg Traube’s parents Sally and Amalie, née Rosenthal, had five children. Georg Traube married a non-Jewish woman. They had two children, a son, Heinz, born 7/30 /1920 in Beuthen, and a daughter, Ingeborg, born 1/21/1925. Georg Traube worked as a commercial clerk. It is unknown when he moved to Hamburg, whether with his family or alone. When he was arrested and detained for a minor offense in 1934, his wife and children and lived separated from him in Beuthen. He lived as a subtenant at Elbstrasse 42 and entered "landlady” as the person to be notified in case of emergency on the jail registration form.

In 1936, Georg Traube lost his job, and his marriage was divorced in the following year. His son Heinz, who had moved from Beuthen to Ratibor and from there to Havelberg, came to Hamburg-Blankenese to join the Kibbuz "Charut-Cherut" in Steubenweg to train as a gardener for a possible emigration to Palestine. After several attempts, he succeeded in emigrating; his destination is unclear. In any case, the Jewish winter aid equipped him with winter clothing in 1938.

At the time, his father lived as a subtenant with the Steinbergs at Hirtenstrasse 55 in "Oben-Hamm" and then moved to "Unten-Hamm" with Babette Löw, Hammer Weg 37. In 1940 and 1941 he was drafted for emergency work, for which he was paid 24 and later 35 reichsmarks per week.

On October 25th, 1941, he and his landlady were deported from their Hamburg home to the ghetto in Lodz, where Georg Traube died on March 12th, 1942.

Translated by Peter Hubschmid
Kindly supported by the Hermann Reemtsma Stiftung, Hamburg.

Stand: March 2019
© Hildegard Thevs

Quellen: 1; 4; 5; StaH, 522-1, Jüdische Gemeinden, 992 e 2 Deportationslisten Band 1; BA Bln., Volkszählung 1939; Archivum Panstwowe, Lodz.
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