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Already layed Stumbling Stones

Sophie Ostwald * 1882

Isestraße 86 (Eimsbüttel, Harvestehude)

JG. 1882

further stumbling stones in Isestraße 86:
Erna Bragenheim, Erna Bragenheim, Martin Bragenheim, Emma Hinrichs, Herbert Mitz, Jeanette Ostwald, Senta Schwarz

Jeanette Toni Ostwald, born 16 Oct. 1874 in Wattenscheid, deported 25 Oct. 1941 to Lodz
Sophie Ostwald, born 11 Dec. 1882 in Wattenscheid, deported 25 Oct. 1941 to Lodz

The two sisters’ parents were called Hans and Marianne Ostwald. Their mother’s maiden name was Joseph. Jeanette and Sophie Ostwald’s sister Helen Kirstein immigrated to Rhodesia.

The sisters Jeanette and Sophie moved to Kiel around 1900. There the two unmarried women ran a ladies’ clothing store at Dänische Straße 30/32.

Two "stumbling stones" in Kiel commemorate that phase of their lives. At the end of 1936, they left Kiel, deregistering themselves. We can assume that they had little revenue due to the reprisals against Jewish business owners, and their shop probably was later forcibly "Aryanized” or closed. In 1937 they fled to Hamburg where they initially sublet from Salomon at Isastraße 67. That same year they moved to Isestraße 86. The sisters took in their friend the widow Emma Hinrichs as a tenant in their 5-room apartment. In 1940 Jeanette and Sophie Ostwald travelled to Luxembourg, but they returned to Hamburg. From 1941 they no longer had an income and were forced to apply for welfare support.

On 25 Oct. 1941 Jeanette and Sophie Ostwald were deported to Lodz along with their tenant Emma Hinrichs. Beforehand they were required to drop off the key to their apartment at their local police station.

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