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Already layed Stumbling Stones

Edith Schickler * 1911

Krochmannstraße 72 (Hamburg-Nord, Winterhude)

JG. 1911

further stumbling stones in Krochmannstraße 72:
Fanny Schickler

Edith Schickler, born 11 Mar. 1911 in Hamburg, deported 12 Feb. 1943 via Berlin to Auschwitz, date of death unknown
Fanny Schickler, born 20 Aug. 1913 in Hamburg, deported 12 Feb. 1943 via Berlin to Auschwitz, date of death unknown

Edith and Fanny Schickler were daughters of the scrap iron seller John Schickler and his wife Bertha, née Janova. Another sister, Margot (born on 26 June 1919) died on 26 Feb. 1938. John Schickler’s tax card at the Jewish Community showed various addresses in "modest” neighborhoods, largely in Hamburg Altstadt and Neustadt, for instance on Burchardstraße, Brüderstraße, and Valentinskamp. Their mother died in 1927. Their father’s last address was in a "Jewish house” on Schlachterstraße at Großneumarkt which no longer exists today. The Jewish Community noted him as unemployed as of 1932. On 19 July 1942 he was deported to Theresienstadt. He died there on 13 Jan. 1943.

Edith and Fanny Schickler never married and initially were gainfully employed, Edith as a sales clerk and Fanny as a beautician. In the mid 1930s, they both lost their jobs and they no longer had to pay dues to the Community. In the 1930s they lived together as tenants at Krochmannstraße 72. From there they were first moved to Grindelberg 7 and soon thereafter to the "Jewish house” at Beneckestraße 2. On 12 Feb. 1943 they were forced to board a train with 24 other people that first took them to the transit camp Große Hamburger Straße in Berlin. From there they were deported in a larger transport to Auschwitz on 19 Feb. 1943. They did not survive the extermination camp.

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