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Herta Becher
© Yad Vashem

Herta Becher (née Klein) * 1906

Horner Weg 47 (Hamburg-Mitte, Hamm)

1941 Minsk

further stumbling stones in Horner Weg 47:
Dr. Bruno Becher, Ruth Becher, Werner Becher

Familie Becher

Bruno Becher, Dr. of Dental Medicine, born Dec. 12, 1894, in Wongrowitz – Deported Nov.8, 1941 to Minsk
Herta Becher, neé Klein, born June 16, 1906, in Recklinghausen – Deported Nov. 18, 1941 to Minsk
Ruth Becher, born April 3, 1937, in Hamburg – Deported Nov. 18, 1941 to Minsk
Werner Becher, born July 22, 1932, in Hamburg – Deported Nov. 18, 1941 to Minsk

"You have to display a plaque that on a blue background in a yellow circle shows the Star of David. The same sign has to be displayed on all prescriptions and letterheads, etc. On the plaque and afore mentioned papers, in addition the remark; ‘Authorized to treat Jewish Dental patience’ has to be clearly visible” in accordance with Paragraph 6 of "Permission of Resumption of the professional activity” of doctor of dental medicine, Bruno Becher on August 9, 1940.

Bruno Becher became a member of the Jewish Congregation in 1927. He lived at Oben Borgfelde 68 and had a good income as a dentist. His office was located at Vierlaenderstrasse 104, BillwaerderAusschlag. His parents, Isidor and Caecilie, nee Cohn, were already since 1922 members of the Congregation. Isidor had a paper and book store. He died on July 11, 1938 and his wife, Caecilie one year later. During the November pogrom of 1938, Bruno Becher was hiding with friends until the arrests ended.* His brother, Heinrich, born July 10, 1888 in Wongrowitz, war a physician. He immigrated with his wife and 2 children in March 1939 to Palestine.

Bruno Becher married Herta, nee Klein, born June 16, 1906 in Recklinghausen. On July 22, 1932 their son, Werner Adolf was born. In 1935 the Bechers moved to Horner Weg 49. There, on April 3, 1937, their daughter Ruth Mirjam was born. In that same year Bruno Becher’s income began to shrink which resulted in their move to Hansastrasse 55. Bruno Becher had to do obligatory work for which he received 159.—RM. In order to reduced his rent, he least a room to Adele Klein, who formerly also lived in Hamm. A cousin of Herta Bucher was supporting them by sending 500.—RM to them from Chile.

In anticipation of being able to resume his profession, Bruno Becher opened for business purposes in August 1940 a bank account with the Dresdner Bank. Indeed he was permitted to practice dentistry, but already on November 8, 1941 he was deported to Minsk. Herta Becher followed 10 days later with the children.

Translation: Johanna Neumann, nee Gerechter, Silverspring, USA
Johanna Gerechter’s parents were friends of the Becher family

© Hildegard Thevs

Quellen: 1; 2 R 1940/217; 4; 5; 8; StaH, 522-1, Jüdische Gemeinden, 391 Mitgliederliste 1935; 992 e 2 Deportationslisten Bd. 2; Eine verschwundene Welt. Jüdisches Leben am Grindel. Hrsg. Ursula Wamser/Wilfried Weinke, Springe 2006, S. 38f.

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