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Already layed Stumbling Stones

Berta Hoffmann * 1916

Husumer Straße 16 (Hamburg-Nord, Hoheluft-Ost)

1938 Zbaszyn / Polen

further stumbling stones in Husumer Straße 16:
Emil Abraham Asten, Henriette Asten, Dr. Samuel Dessau, Minna Dessau, Olga Hertz

Berta Hoffmann, born on 11 Feb. 1916 in Altona, expelled via Zbaszyn/Poland in 1938

Husumer Strasse 16

Berta Hoffmann had just started working as a domestic help for the Salomon family at Husumer Strasse 16 in Hamburg-Eppendorf, where she also lived. Since 12 Jan. 1937, she was registered as a member of the Hamburg Jewish Community. Her occupational career lasted only briefly: In 1938, she was among the 15,000 Polish Jews expelled by the Nazis from Germany to Zbaszyn (German: Bentschen). Their entry to Poland, however, was not permitted initially, which meant they had to camp at the Zbaszyn border crossing. Out of desperation about this situation, which his parents lived through as well, afterward Herschel Grynszpan shot the German embassy employee in Paris, Ernst vom Rath [an incident the Nazis used as a pretext for the November Pogrom of 1938]. Berta Hoffmann was deported to an unknown place and probably murdered.

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