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Already layed Stumbling Stones

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Mathilde Hofmann (née Blumann) * 1882

Marienthaler Straße 73 (Hamburg-Mitte, Hamm)

1942 Auschwitz

further stumbling stones in Marienthaler Straße 73:
Margarete Blitz

Mathilde Hofmann, née Blumann, born on 20 Apr. 1882 in Harsefeld, deported on 11 July 1942 to Auschwitz

The Hofmann couple had already been living at Marienthaler Strasse 73 for a long time. Both Mr. and Mrs. Hofmann had been registered as members of the Jewish Community since at least 1921, even though Robert Hofmann, born on 23 Feb. 1869 in Hamburg, had a non-Jewish father. As far as apparent from the documents extant, he never attempted to leave the Jewish Community either. His wife, maiden name Blumann, came from Harsefeld and was 13 years his junior (born on 20 Apr. 1882). Robert Hofmann worked as a travelling salesman and earned an irregular and mostly modest income. In 1934, the couple had to turn to the welfare authority and remained dependent on it from then on. It was inevitable under these circumstances to rent out a room, for his brother Max and his half-siblings had also become unemployed and destitute. In Oct. 1940, the Hofmanns moved to Frickestrasse 24 (Martin Brunn-Stift), which later became a "Jews’ house” ("Judenhaus”). Robert Hofmann died on 21 Dec. 1941. His widow Mathilde was deported on 11 July 1942. There are no further traces of this Auschwitz transport.

Translator: Erwin Fink

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Quellen: 1, 4, 5; StaH, 522-1, Jüdische Gemeinden, o. Sign. Mitgliederzählung der DIGH 1928; 390 Wählerverzeichnis 1930; 391 Mitgliederliste 1935; BA Bln., Volkszählung 1939; Jüdische Stätten in Hamburg. Hrsg. vom Institut für die Geschichte der deutschen Juden und der Landeszentrale für politische Bildung. Hamburg 1995, Nr. 73.

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