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Mathilde Ascher * 1877

Agnesstraße 36 (Hamburg-Nord, Winterhude)

1941 Minsk

Mathilde Ascher, born 26 Sep. 1877 in Assel, near Stade, deported 11 Nov. 1941 to Minsk, date of death unknown

Mathilde Ascher’s parents were Samuel Ascher and his wife Josephine, née Philippsohn. Mathilde never married. According to her tax records with the Jewish Community, she worked as a sales director, but it seems that she had only a small income, since the amounts listed are minimal. She was exempted from paying altogether in 1932. She may already have been unemployed at that point, although the records first list her as such in 1935. In the 1920s she lived at various addresses in Altona, then around 1930 at Agnesstraße 36 in Winterhude. In 1936 she was again registered in Altona at Kruppstraße 76, then, in March 1939, returned to Hamburg to the traditionally Jewish quarter, Grindelviertel. She changed addresses several times within the quarter. Her last residence before she was deported was Rappstraße 10. It cannot be determined whether all of these relocations were voluntary or not. Her "unsettledness” may have been due to a lack of money, as well as to the revocation of tenant’s rights for all "non-Aryans” and to the Gestapo’s attempt to concentrate the Jewish population in the Grindelviertel.

Mathilde Ascher was 64 years old when she was deported to Minsk. Her date of death and the conditions under which she died are unknown.

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