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Albert Behrend * 1891

Poolstraße 7 (Hamburg-Mitte, Neustadt)

1941 Lodz
ermordet 10.01.1942

Albert Behrend, b. 3.20.1891 in Neustettin, deported on 10.25.1941 to Lodz, died there on 1.10.1942

Poolstraße 7

Concerning the life of Albert Behrend very little is known. He was born on 20 March 1891, the son of the master lathe operator Siegmund (b. 9.10.1851) and Amalie Behrend, née Kollath (b. 10.11.1853) in Neustettin, West Pomerania (today, Szczecinek, Poland) at Bahnhofstrasse 3. His parents had married on 8 August 1881 in the commune of Lubow (today, Lubów, Poland).

When the bachelor tailor left his birthplace, which now belongs to Poland, and went to Hamburg is unknown. On 28 April 1934, He joined the German Israelite Congregation in Hamburg. However, according to the entries on his Communal Religion Tax Record up to 1938, he was not taxed because he was jobless. Albert Behrend lived at Poolstrasse 7. In 1935, he moved in with the Cäsar and Mathilde Koppel, as a sub-lessee, at Peterstrasse 34-35. Finally, he was registered as living with the seaman E. Wiehl at Rendsburger Strasse 14, in Hamburg-St. Pauli. It was there he received the order, on 24 October 1941, to arrive at the Provincial Lodge Lower Saxony on Moorweidenstrasse. On the next day he was deported in the first transport from Hamburg to the Litzmannstadt (Lodz) ghetto. Albert Behrend did not survive the first winter in the ghetto; he died on 10 January 1942 in the "ghetto hospital.”

Albert’s older brother lived with his family in Berlin. Max Behrend (b. 12.12.1888) was a furrier and cap maker. His wife Henriette Behrend, née Wolff (b. 12.9.1891 in Kempen, Posen) was a "cap cutter.” Their son, Rolf (b. 10.8.1991 in Berlin) was also a hat and cap maker. The family lived at Kommandantenstrasse 68-69; they were deported from that address to Minsk on 14 November 1941.

Translator: Richard Levy
Kindly supported by the Hermann Reemtsma Stiftung, Hamburg.

Stand: April 2020
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