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Trude Singer
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Gertrud Singer * 1921

Isestraße 96 (Eimsbüttel, Harvestehude)

1941 Lodz
ermordet 16.11.1941

further stumbling stones in Isestraße 96:
Max Dreifus, Blanka Dreifus, Selma Schlesinger, Lot Voss, Margarethe Voss, Uri Voss

Gertrud (Trude) Singer, born on 13 Mar. 1921 in Neustadt/Weinstrasse, deported on 25 Oct. 1941 to Lodz, died there on 16 Nov. 1941

Trude Singer was not even 20 years old when she was forced to go to Lodz.

Born in Neustadt/Weinstrasse, she probably arrived in Hamburg with her aunt and uncle from Primasens in the fall of 1939. Her parents, Arthur and Toni Singer, née Kuder, were no longer alive. Her mother was the sister of Blanka Dreifus.

At first, Trude lived in the building of the Jewish Community at Laufgraben 37, which accommodated a home economics school and associated quarters. Then she earned her living as a domestic help in return for a net wage of 20 RM (reichsmark) and free room and board. Thus, she resided with the families for whom she worked.
On 10 Oct. 1940, she moved in with the Voss family, where her aunt and uncle lived.

The deportation list reveals that Trude Singer reported "voluntarily” for deportation to Lodz. Did she intend to stay together with Blanka Dreifus? By the time the Voss family had to leave Hamburg as well, she was no longer alive.

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