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Already layed Stumbling Stones

Martha Sohn, geb. Engel
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Martha Sohn (née Engel) * 1883

Isestraße 21 (Eimsbüttel, Harvestehude)

JG. 1883

further stumbling stones in Isestraße 21:
Magda Levy, Sabine Levy, Recha Lübke, Carl Richard Sohn, Vilma Lore Sohn, Elsa Sprei, Mary Stern, Julchen Tobias, Julia Weber

Carl Richard Sohn, born on 23 Nov. 1869 in Mannheim, deported on 15 July 1942 to Theresienstadt, died there on 20 Dec. 1942
Martha Sohn, née Engel, born on 8 Feb. 1883, deported on 15 July 1942 to Theresienstadt, deported further on 23 Jan. 1943 to Auschwitz
Lore (Wilma) Sohn, born on 16 Oct. 1920 in Hamburg, deported on 15 July 1942 to Theresienstadt, deported further on 23 Jan. 1943 to Auschwitz

The Sohn couple joined the Jewish Community in Hamburg on 1 Feb. 1911. At this time, they already lived on Isestrasse, initially in house no. 32, then in no. 30. Carl Richard Sohn worked for Deutsche Bank as a bank officer in a permanent position, thus earning a fixed income.
Martha and Carl Richard Sohn had three children. Son Alfred was born in 1912, sisters Marianne and Wilma, called Lore, followed in 1918 and 1920.

Alfred Sohn started a commercial apprenticeship and worked as a commercial clerk in a chemical plant. For a period, he no longer lived with his parents, who by then had relocated to the other side of the street, moving into house no. 21. In 1936, he emigrated to South Africa, where he survived.

For Marianne, in 1935, the occupation indicated in the Jewish religious tax (Kultussteuer) card file is "apprentice” and the address Laufgraben 37, which meant she attended the home economics school of the Jewish Community, residing there in the boarding school. For 1936, her move to Berlin is noted. We have no details about the subsequent course of her life, but the "restitution file” ("Wiedergutmachungsakte”) reveals that she got married and survived the Shoah in Britain.

Lore Wilma, staying in her parents’ home, suffered from health problems. When Carl Sohn’s assets became subject to a security order ("Sicherungsanordnung”) in Dec. 1941, he applied to the tax authority to have the funds for use by his family increased, as he had "special expenses due to the ailment” of his daughter. The parents and daughter had to leave the apartment at Isestrasse 21 on 5 Mar. 1942 and move to the "Jews’ house” ("Judenhaus”) at Bundesstrasse 43. Four months later, they were transported to Theresienstadt. The father perished there on 20 Dec. 1942. The mother and daughter were sent to their deaths in Auschwitz on 23 Jan. 1943.

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