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Already layed Stumbling Stones

Sabine Levy * 1876

Isestraße 21 (Eimsbüttel, Harvestehude)

JG. 1876

further stumbling stones in Isestraße 21:
Magda Levy, Recha Lübke, Carl Richard Sohn, Martha Sohn, Vilma Lore Sohn, Elsa Sprei, Mary Stern, Julchen Tobias, Julia Weber

Sabine Levy, born 10/18/1876 in Hamburg, deported to Auschwitz on 07/11/1942

Sabine Levy’s parents were Benjamin Samuel and Friederike Levy, née Rothstein. Sabine Levy’s culture tax card gives her profession as "school teacher”. As there is no significant cut in her already slight tax payments after 1933, it may be assumed that she was not employed at a state school where she – like other Jewish teachers – would have been dismissed pursuant to the "Law for the Restoration of Professional Civil Service”.

Since 1925, she had changed residence four times within Hamburg. At the end, she lived with the Anker family. In 1939, she obviously had tried to emigrate, but without success. In December, 1941, her name was on the deportation list for the transport to Riga, where it was deleted at the last minute. Sabine Levy, however, had to leave Isestrasse and move to the "Jews’ house” Bundesstrasse 43. From there, she was deported directly to Auschwitz and is considered missing from then on.

Translated by Peter Hubschmid
Kindly supported by the Hermann Reemtsma Stiftung, Hamburg.

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