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Johanna Steiner * 1884

Anckelmannstraße 10 (Schule) (Hamburg-Mitte, Borgfelde)

JG. 1884

further stumbling stones in Anckelmannstraße 10 (Schule):
Heinz Kroll

Johanna Steiner, born on 29Apr. 1884 in Groschwitz/Upper Silesia (today Groszowice in Poland), deported on 25 Oct. 1941 to Lodz, deported further on 20 Apr. 1942

Anckelmannstrasse 10 (Anckelmannstrasse 102)

Johanna Steiner, called Hannchen, came from Upper Silesia. Her mother Munda, born on 28 Oct. 1857 in Myslowitz (today Myslowice in Poland) as Rosamunde Hausdorf, married Max Steiner, born on 15 Apr. 1856 in Pless near Kattowitz (Pszczyna near Katowice) in Poland. Prior to the First World War, the family moved to Hamburg and took up residence at Anckelmannstrasse 102 in Borgfelde. Max Steiner’s income as a sales representative was modest. Johanna Steiner remained unmarried and lived with her parents. Apparently, she never pursued any gainful employment. In 1919, she was registered as an independent member of the German-Israelitic Community in Hamburg. In 1927, her mother died at home, and the following year, on 12 Aug. 1928, her father at the Bethesda Hospital in Borgfelde. A female neighbor notified the records office of his death.

Johanna Steiner continued to reside in the apartment and rented out rooms. On 27 Mar. 1940, the retired couple Lucie and David Kainer, anticipating to emigrate to New York, moved in with her from Eilbek. Evidently, the rental revenues were very low, because from Nov. 1940 onward, she received benefits from the welfare office.

She and her subtenants were served the deportation order to Lodz for 25 Oct. 1941. They had to leave it to others to liquidate the apartment. From the Lodz Ghetto, Johanna Steiner was deported further shortly before her fifty-eight birthday, on 20 Apr. 1942, probably to the Chelmno extermination camp. Lucie and David Kainer were "resettled” ("ausgesiedelt”) in Nov. 1942, causing their traces to disappear as well.

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