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Johanna Rosenberg (née Tuteur) * 1876

Grindelallee 6 (Eimsbüttel, Rotherbaum)

1941 Riga

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Johanna Rosenberg, née Tuteur, born on 13 Feb. 1876 in Kaiserslautern, deported on 6 Dec. 1941 to Riga-Jungfernhof, murdered

Grindelallee 6

Johanna Rosenberg was the daughter of Aaron and Karoline Tuteur, née Nathan. She had two brothers, Paul Tuteur, who worked as a lawyer in Kaiserslautern, and Jacob Tuteur, who died in Berlin in 1939. We know nothing about her childhood, school career, or vocational training. She was married to Salomon Rosenberg, born on 21 Sept. 1864 in Leer, who died on 13 June 1934. He had run a timber trade since 1898 and bequeathed to her two plots of land. One generated the rent she had to pay for her accommodation; the other was indebted, administered by a trustee, and subject to forced auctioning on 11 June 1940. On 12 June 1939, Johanna Rosenberg stated at the foreign currency office that the property had a unit value of 9,800 RM (reichsmark), whereas it was encumbered with 14,000 RM. One can assume that the debts could hardly be paid from the proceeds of the forced sale. According to Johanna Rosenberg, in her written statement to the foreign currency office of the Chief Finance Administration (Oberfinanzbehörde), her account had not been blocked and she had not been assessed for the "levy on Jewish assets” ("Judenvermögensabgabe”) in accordance with the decision of the Hamburg tax office – Rechtes Alsterufer – dated 3 Mar. 1939.

In 1937, Johanna Rosenberg was sentenced to 80 RM or 16 days in prison for defamation (offense against the "Law against Treacherous Attacks on the State and Party” ["Gesetz gegen heimtückische Angriffe auf Staat und Partei”]) on 8 July 1937. On 7 July 1937, she had been transferred to the detention guard in the Stadthaus, the Hamburg Gestapo headquarters, because she had spoken of "Nazi pack” and "Hitler pack” to her landlady on Hartwicusstrasse and had said, "Where would Hitler be if Warburg had not financed him?” And: "Who’s calling on you? These are all shady characters or so-called Hitler pack.” The landlady then denounced her. On 29 July 1937, Johanna was released from prison. In order to improve her financial situation and possibly finance an emigration, she tried to cancel a mortgage on one of the two properties with funds from the estate of her brother Jacob. However, her claims against his estate executor were not accepted, so that she was unable to emigrate.

Paul Tuteur supported his sister with 15 RM per month toward living expenses. In 1937, she lived at Hartwicusstrasse 6 on the third floor with Ilse Siercks; from 7 July 1937, at Bornstrasse 24 on the third floor with Heymann; in 1940, at Brahmsallee 15; and in any case, at the beginning of Jan. 1941 at Heinrich-Barth-Strasse 10b, before she was accommodated at Grindelallee 6 in the course of 1941.

On 6 Dec. 1941, she was forced to board the deportation train to Riga. The transport ended in Riga-Jungfernhof, because in the Riga Ghetto, "space” had to be "created” first by murdering the previous occupants. Whether she died of cold, hunger, or a mass shooting is not known.

Translator: Erwin Fink
Kindly supported by the Hermann Reemtsma Stiftung, Hamburg.

© Dieter Wolf

Quellen: 1; 2 R 1940/913 u. R 1941/16; 5; StaH 213-11 Staatsanwaltschaft beim Landgericht 6967/37; StaH 621-1 Firmenarchive 85 249; digitales Archiv IST Bad Arolsen, Teilbestand Dok. ID 11197771 Transportlisten Gestapo.
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