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Already layed Stumbling Stones

Eleonore Holz (née Reiss) * 1882

Haynstraße 5 (Hamburg-Nord, Eppendorf)

1941 Riga

further stumbling stones in Haynstraße 5:
Liselotte Brinitzer, Fanny David, Arno Glassmann, Kurt Glassmann, Helene Herzberg, Jacob Holz, Antonie Fanny Riess, Helma Wehl, Irma Zancker

Jacob Holz, born on 23 Aug. 1874 in Brody, deported on 6 Dec. 1941 to Riga
Eleonore Holz, née Reiss, born on 23 Feb. 1882 in Lemberg, deported 6 Dec. 1941 to Riga

Haynstrasse 5

Jacob Holz was the owner of the Hamburg-based Handarbeiten-Haus Holz, a handicraft store, at Grosse Bleichen 49. He was married to Eleonore (also called Ernestine) Holz, née Reiss, a native of Lemberg (today Lviv in Ukraine). On 28 Sept.1907, their son Bernhard was born. The family lived at Bahnhofstrasse 9.

In 1937, the Jewish religious tax (Kultussteuer) file card of the Jewish Community indicated for Jacob Holz that he was "stateless.” The Holz couple, the entry went on, "is supported by the son” and no longer had to pay any contributions to the Jewish Community from then on. At the time, the couple lived at Haynstrasse 5 in Hamburg-Eppendorf.

Bernhard worked in a handicrafts store and married Eleonore (also called Ella) Wachenfeld. According to the Nuremberg Laws [on race] dated Sept. 1935, he lived with her in a "mixed marriage” ("Mischehe”); consequently, their son Gerhard was classified as a "Mischling [half-Jew] of the first degree.” Initially, the family lived at Moorweidenstrasse 5 and later moved to Carolinenstrasse 6. On 5 Sept. 1938, Bernhard Holz and his family left the Jewish Community. An entry on the tax file card of the father, Jacob Holz, reveals that his son had emigrated to South America.

Jacob and Ernestine Holz were not able to emigrate. They continued to live at Haynstrasse 5, one of the "Jews’ houses” ("Judenhäuser"). From there, they were deported to Riga on 6 Dec. 1941. Their date of death is not known.

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