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Already layed Stumbling Stones

Anna-Maria Tomassetti * 1945

Feuerbergstraße 43 (Hamburg-Nord, Ohlsdorf)

GEB. 15.3.1945
TOT 1.10.1945

further stumbling stones in Feuerbergstraße 43:
Karl-Heinz Dohrmann

Anna-Maria Tomassetti, born on 15.3.1945 in Hamburg, died on 1.10.1945 in the Children's Hospital Blankenese

Feuerbergstraße 43, girls' home

Anna-Maria Tomassetti was born in Hamburg on March 15, 1945. Her mother Maria Tomassetti (born 2.7.1927 in Cerchio, province of L'Aquila in Abruzzo) was of Roman Catholic faith and single. Deported from her home in Italy, Cerchio, Via 24 Maggio No. 7, she had to perform forced labor for the German Labor Front (DAF) at Fritz Hesselbein, Chemische Fabrik, Natur- und Kunstgummi-Erzeugnisse, Kautschukoide, in Hufnerstraße 20, since July 27, 1944. She was in the second month of her pregnancy and housed in the unguarded camp at Rübenkamp 31.

One day before the birth of her child, 17-year-old Maria Tomassetti was admitted to the Frauenklinik Finkenau (Women’s hospital Finkenau), Hamburg-Uhlenhorst. Six days after giving birth, she and her daughter Anna-Maria arrived in Hamburg-Groß Borstel on March 21, 1945, in the camp of the DAF, Vereinigte Deutsche Metallwerke AG (VDM), at Sportstraße 10. On April 9, 1945, both were registered there in the house registration file.

Anna-Maria was separated from her mother in the following time and given to the girls' home Feuerbergstraße, Hamburg-Ohlsdorf, for safekeeping. There she had to spend the short time of her life. The nutritional and living conditions were completely inadequate for her.

Five months after the end of the war, Anna-Maria died at the Blankenese Children's Hospital, (formerly Landhaus Grüneck, Falkensteiner Ufer 72), on October 1, 1945, at 0:20 a.m. The obituary of the children's hospital states the cause of death as "severe dyspepsia" (severe digestive disorder), "infection," "circulatory weakness," and Groper as the signing physician. The funeral director Käthe Seemann reported the death orally to the registry office. According to the hospital administration, the information was given "without relatives and without any papers".

Anna-Maria was 6 months, 2 weeks and 2 days old.

Five days after her death her burial took place on October 6, 1945 in the cemetery of the Evangelical-Lutheran church community Blankenese in Sülldorf, Sülldorfer Kirchenweg 151, grave location RK 403. Her row grave is no longer preserved today. After 25 years it was levelled according to the cemetery regulations.

Translation Beate Meyer

Stand: March 2023
© Margot Löhr

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