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Already layed Stumbling Stones

Hirsch Isaac Polack * 1867

Kurze Straße 10 (Hamburg-Mitte, Neustadt)

JG. 1867

further stumbling stones in Kurze Straße 10:
Bernhard Elias, Frieda Polack

Frieda Polack, born 10.1.1897 in Hamburg, deported on 6.12.1941 to Riga-Jungfernhof
Hirsch Isaac Polack, born 4.5.1867 in Hamburg, deported on 6.12.1941 to Riga-Jungfernhof

Kurze Straße 10

Hirsch Isaac Polack, called Hermann, was born in Hamburg on May 4, 1867, the son of Isaac Hirsch Polack (born 27.12.1828, died 30.1.1908) and Hödchen, née Cohn (born 11.6.1836, died 27.9.1915). His father earned a living as a private teacher and acted as a prayer leader for the Jewish Community o Hamburg. The family lived first at Schlachterstraße Hof 41 and then in the neighboring Jewish Lazarus-Gumpel-Stift. The maternal grandfather, Ruben Simon Cohn, traded in "Hebrew books" at Kleine Schmiedestraße 23 in Altona.

Hirsch Polack and his two brothers took up craft trades: Hirsch became a chaser (ornamental metalworking), Jesaias (born 27.12.1872) a watchmaker, and the youngest Ruben (born 13.8.1877, died 6.3.1902) a "leatherworker."

On May 22, 1896, Hirsch Polack married the embroiderer Louise Salomon, born on June 26, 1862. At the time of the marriage, he had already left his parental home and lived at Teilfeld 41. His bride lived with her widowed mother Sophie Salomon, née Brummer at Schlachterstraße 46/47. Their families were neighbors in the Lazarus-Gumpel-Stift. Louise's father, the cigar worker Hirsch Michel Salomon, had already died in 1876, and so her brother Max Salomon (see Paula Lewald and Sara Selma Salomon,, who lived as a bookbinder with his family at Alte Steinweg 63, took over the function of her best man.

Hirsch and Louise Polack remained close to their families: they moved to Schlachterstraße 16, where daughter Frieda was born on January 10, 1897. The family lived at Elbstraße 10 (today Neanderstraße) in 1907, and at Kurzestraße 10 (today Kurze Straße) from 1912. On November 11, 1919, Louise Polack died in the Eppendorf Hospital at the age of 57.

Hirsch Polack and his unmarried daughter Frieda kept the apartment at Kurzestraße 10 and took in their long-time subtenant Bernhard Elias (see

At the time of their deportation, father and daughter lived at Schlachterstraße 46/47 in the former Lazarus-Gumpel Stift, now a so-called Judenhaus (Jewish House). They had probably had to leave their apartment after the "Reich Law on Tenancies with Jews" came into force on April 30, 1939.

Hirsch Isaac and Frieda Polack were deported from Hamburg to Riga on December 6, 1941, together with a total of 753 Jews. However, since the ghetto in Riga was already overcrowded with Latvian Jews, the SS created "space" for the new arrivals with a murder operation. Therefore, the Hamburg transport was diverted during the journey to the run-down "Gut Jungfernhof" near Riga, where in the harsh winter they had to live in provisionally furnished barns. Some died before their arrival in the unheated freight cars, almost all of those who survived the winter were shot in a forest near Riga in March 1942.

Hirsch Polack was 74 years old at the time of the deportation. According to the guidelines that the Reich Security Main Office sent to the local Gestapo offices, he should not have been deported with them because of his age but to Theresienstadt Ghetto in 1942. His daughter Frieda, listed as a "worker" on the deportation list, was 44 years old. When and where they perished is unknown.

Translation Beate Meyer

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