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Selly Gottlieb * 1886

Isestraße 61 (Eimsbüttel, Harvestehude)

1941 Lodz
1942 ermordet in Chelmno

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Selly Gottlieb, born on 12 Jan. 1886 in Hamburg, deported on 25 Oct. 1941 to Lodz, murdered in Chelmno in May 1942

Selly (Zelly) Gottlieb was the daughter of Herrmann Gottlieb and his wife Flora, née Selig. She was not married and earned her living as a commercial clerk. Until shortly before her deportation, she worked for the Bluhm & Plate Company on Parkallee. Despite her evidently secure financial circumstances, she moved several times; in Oct. 1937, the records mention a subtenancy for the first time, with Hahn at Isestrasse 82. In the very end, she must have lived with the Baer family at Isestrasse 61. This is the address indicated on the deportation list but it was not entered in the Jewish religious tax (Kultussteuer) card file. Selly Gottlieb was already deported from Hamburg two weeks before her landlords.

Seven months later, in Lodz, she had to board a deportation train once more: She was murdered in Chelmno.

Translator: Erwin Fink

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