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Cäcilie Bauer (née Rosenberg) * 1871

Alsterdorfer Straße 108 (Hamburg-Nord, Winterhude)

1942 aus NL nach Auschwitz

Cäcilie Elsa Bauer, née Rosenberg, born on 22 Aug. 1871 in Hamburg, murdered on 17 Sept. 1942 in Auschwitz

Cäcilie Bauer was married to the sales representative Cäsar Bauer, who was born on the same day. Their son Paul was born on 20 Feb. 1899. The Jewish family lived at Alsterdorfer Straße 108.

Paul Bauer married Margot Stavenhagen (born on 21 Aug. 1909) and had two children with her: Max (born on 1 Apr. 1926) and Friedrich (born on 10 June 1928). Prior to her marriage, Margot had lived at Blumenstraße 46, where the Stoppelmann couple (see corresponding entry) lived as well.

In Oct. 1938, the widowed Cäcilie Bauer emigrated to Amsterdam, where her son and his family had been living since 1934. In 1939, Paul, Margot, and their children emigrated to Montevideo in Uruguay. In May 1940, the Netherlands were occupied by the German Wehrmacht. Probably during the course of 1941, Cäcilie Bauer was interned in the Dutch Westerbork transit camp. From there, the 71-year old was deported to Auschwitz and murdered there in Sept. 1942.

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