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Inge Cossmann * 1924

Bornstraße 28 (Eimsbüttel, Rotherbaum)

1941 Riga

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Edgar Ephraim Hirsch

Inge Cossmann, born 26.4.1924, deported to Riga Ghetto on 6.12.1941

Bornstrasse 28

Inge Cossmann lived at Bornstr. 28 with her mother Martha (born 1896), who had been divorced since 1931. Apparently the income was only barely sufficient to cover the living expenses of both of them, because during Inge Cossmann's school years her mother received frequent allowances from Jewish welfare organizations such as the Jüdisches Kinderhilfswerk Hamburg.

The schoolgirl was supposed to emigrate to Holland, and she already had the necessary clearance certificate. But the plan failed.

In April 1940, the mother declared that she and her daughter did not intend to emigrate any more, as a tax official recorded in a note. When Martha Cossmann had to disclose her financial circumstances in May 1940, it became clear that she only had a reserve of RM 2,600. She was allowed RM 150 per month for living expenses für her daughter and herself.

Mother and daughter received the deportation order to Riga at Bornstr. 28.

While the daughter perished there, the mother survived the murderous living and working conditions and escaped the shooting. As the front moved closer, the Jewish prisoners from the Baltic region were transferred to the Stutthof concentration camp; according to the arrival list of August 9, 1944, Martha Cossmann was among them. She apparently survived the deportation.

Translation by Beate Meyer
Stand: January 2022
© Beate Meyer

Quellen: StaH, 522-1, Jüdische Gemeinden, 992b, Kultussteuerkartei der Deutsch-Israelitischen Gemeinde; 314-15, Oberfinanzpräsident, FVg 8098; Wolfgang Scheffler/Diana Schulle (Hrsg.), Buch der Erinnerung. Die ins Baltikum deportierten deutschen, österreichischen und tschechoslowakischen Juden, Bd. II, München 2003; Adressbücher 1938, 1942; Hamburger jüdische Opfer des Nationalsozialismus. Gedenkbuch, Hamburg 1995.

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