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Adele Elias * 1883

Hammer Deich ggü. Nr. 26-37 zuvor Nr. 25 (Parkplatz) (Hamburg-Mitte, Hammerbrook)

JG. 1883

Adele Elias, born 13 July 1883, deported 18 Nov. 1941 to Minsk

Hammer Deich (formerly Hammer Deich 25)

Adele Elias was born on 13 July 1883 in Hamburg and never married. Her parents, Abraham and Auguste Elias, née Simon, had joined the Hamburg German-Israelitic Community early. Abraham Elias sold hats and caps. An illness that befell Auguste before the First World War plunged the family into poverty. Abraham Elias died on 8 February 1920 in the Community’s old-age home.

Adele Elias lived with her unmarried brother Julius (*1 June 1879), who earned his living as a packer and messenger, and with Willi (*14 Oct. 1909), a nephew or son. Their apartment was in a terrace house behind the building at 25a.

Adele Elias was a sales clerk, and lost her job in 1933. She received unemployment benefits for a year, but thereafter both she and her brother Julius, who died in 1938, lived from welfare subsidies. Willi Elias and his non-Jewish wife emigrated to Paraguay in 1936.

Adele Elias gave up her apartment on Hammer Deich and rented rooms first at Rutschbahn 15, then moved to rooms at Klosterallee 11 on 30 March 1939. It was at this address where she received notification of her deportation to the Minsk Ghetto on 18 November 1941. Alone and at her advanced age, she had no chance of surviving the first winter there.

Translator: Amy Lee
Kindly supported by the Hermann Reemtsma Stiftung, Hamburg.

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