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Felix von Halle * 1885

Schulterblatt 84 (Altona, Sternschanze)

JG. 1885

further stumbling stones in Schulterblatt 84:
Clara Philip, Gerda Alice Philip

Felix von Halle, born 19 Apr. 1885 in Hamburg, 1933–1935 in prison in Hamburg, 1938 Fuhlsbüttel Concentration Camp, 1938–1939 Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, deported 8 Nov. 1941 to Minsk, date of death unknown

Shulterblatt 84 (Schulterblatt 84a)

Felix von Halle was born on 19 April 1885 in Hamburg. He worked as a printer and typesetter for many years for the Hamburger Tageblatt newspaper. In June 1938 he was sent, as a result of the Aktion Arbeitsscheu Reich (Operation Work-shy Reich ), to the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. After his release he planned to emigrate, as indicated by his tax records with the Jewish Community. He was granted a clearance certificate for emigration by the Chief Tax Authority in February 1939. It is unclear why he never left for Shanghai. In Mai 1939 he was living in the "Jews’ house” at Schlachterstraße 46/47, and later, when he was deported, at Schulterblatt 84a with Clara and Gerda Philip. He was deported to Minsk on 8 November 1941, from where he never returned.

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(2) Bundesarchiv Berlin, R 1509 Reichssippenamt, Ergänzungskarten der Volkszählung vom 17. Mai 1939

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