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Hermann Hertwer * 1895

Sommerhuder Straße 33 (Altona, Altona-Nord)

JG. 1895
"VERLEGT" 14.9.1944
ERMORDET 2.10.1944

Hermann Hertwer, born 1 Jan. 1895, admitted to the Schleswig-Stadtfeld State Mental and Nursing Home on 6 Dec 1943, moved 14 Sept. 1944 to the Meseritz-Obrawalde State Mental Institution, killed 2 Oct. 1944

Sommerhuder Straße 33

Hermann Hertwer was born on 1 Jan. 1895 in Kiel-Gaarden. He lived with his mother Rosa Hertwer, born on 22 July 1861, at Sommerhuder Straße 33 in Altona until they lost their apartment in the air raids on Hamburg in July 1943. On 28 July 1943 they were both evacuated to Neuendorf near Elmshorn and from there sent to the Schleswig-Stadtfeld State Home on 6 Dec. 1943. A "Sister Emma” inquired in writing as to Hermann Hertwer’s wellbeing there. The Schleswig State Home informed her on 24 Apr. 1944 that Rosa Hertwer had died on 17 Mar. 1944. Hermann Hertwer had been diagnosed with "inborn feeble-mindedness”. Physically he was well, and he lived "cheerfully in the moment” but was unable to do any kind of work. Hermann Hertwer was transferred on 14 Sept. 1944 to the Meseritz-Obrawalde State Mental Institution on a transport of 697 people. He was killed there on 2 Oct. 1944. The medical officer of health, Theophil Mootz, certified the alleged cause of death as "pneumonia”. Theophil Mootz was the medical director of the Meseritz-Obra State Mental Institution from Aug. 1942 which was used as an extermination center. He is known to have selected his victims by pointing his finger at them, ordering the injection of poison. He then entered the alleged cause of death in the death register. In 1945 he was supposedly arrested by the Russian military. His ultimate fate is not known. He was declared dead.

Translator: Suzanne von Engelhardt
Kindly supported by the Hermann Reemtsma Stiftung, Hamburg.

Stand: April 2018
© Dorothee Freudenberg

Quellen: Archiwum Panstwowe, Górzow Wiekoploski, Bestand 256, Aktennummer 1404; Schwarz, Ausgrenzung und Vernichtung, S. 322 ff.

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