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Else Frank (née Schiftan) * 1886

Isestraße 36 (Eimsbüttel, Harvestehude)

JG. 1886

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Carl Frank, born 12 Dec. 1887 in Hamburg, deported 8 Nov. 1941 to Minsk
Else Frank, née Schiftan, born 19 Sep. 1886 in Ratibor, deported 8 Nov. 1941 to Minsk

Carl Frank was a broker for grain and feed, but had had no notable income since 1928. His wife earned a bit of money as household help. Else and Carl Frank hat two daughters. Marion, who was born in 1921, went to Palestine as a child. Ingeborg, born in 1924, was given a "clearance certificate” to emigrate in December 1940, but we could not determine her destination.

The family lived in a simple, three-room apartment at Isestraße 36. Before they were deported on 8 November 1941, the Franks, like everyone who would be on the transport, were ordered by the Gestapo to leave the apartment in an "orderly condition” and to hand in the key at the nearest police precinct.

A state appraiser inventoried the Frank’s household in January 1942 and assessed its value. The auction was announced in all three of Hamburg’s daily newspapers, but without naming the previous owner. The documents concerning the auction and the modest household have survived. The moving company that removed everything from the apartment on 21 January 1942 billed two packing crates, a 9.5-meter furniture truck and 5.5 hours of labor. Furniture trucks bearing the same company name can still be seen on Hamburg’s streets. Before the apartment was emptied, the appraiser, Bobsien, had listed every item, down to the broom handle.

The entirety of the couple’s belongings brought a price of 769 Reichsmarks at the auction in the auction hall on Drehbahn. About half of those proceeds was from the bedroom suite. A 17-volume encyclopedia, Meyers Konversationslexikon, brought a single Reichsmark, as did a mandolin.

After their deportation to Minsk, all traces of Else and Carl Frank are lost.

Translator: Amy Lee

Kindly supported by the Hermann Reemtsma Stiftung, Hamburg.

© Christa Fladhammer

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