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Johanna Friedländer (née Ucko) * 1887

Sülldorfer Kirchenweg 34 (Altona, Blankenese)

1942 Auschwitz

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Johanna Friedländer, née Ucko, born 8/17/1887, deported to Auschwitz on 7/11/1942, murdered

Sülldorfer Kirchenweg 34

Johanna Friedländer, née Ucko, was born August 17th, 1887 in Hindenburg in Silesia. She was married to Max, Friedländer, who was likewise born in Hindenburg, on March 8th, 1886. The had no children. The Friedländers ran a cigar store at Spaldingstrasse 47 in Hamburg. Max Friedländer died on November 16th, 1934. The culture tax files reveal that the organized boycott of Jewish businesses cad caused financial setbacks. In the two years following Max Friedländer’s death, Johanna Friedländers had paid no tax in the two previous years, this might indicate a long illness of the husband when the shop was running poorly or not at all. It is also likely that the organized boycott of Jewish shops had caused financial setbacks. In the two years after Max Friedländer had died, Johanna Friedländer again paid culture tax. In the Hamburg address book, the shop was still listed in her husband’s name. It seems that at first, she successfully kept the shop running. In 1938/39, the Friedländers’ cigar store was "Aryanized" by the Nazis like hundreds of other Jewish businesses.

Deprived of the basis of her living, Johanna Friedländer was unable to pay culture tax in those years. In 1940, she started a small tailor’s shop, where, due to the anti-Jewish laws, she was only allowed to repair old or damaged clothes of Jews. The culture tax card shows that she moved her home several times. These frequent relocations reflect the increasing impoverishment of the Jewish population and were the result of the Nazi policy to ghettoize the Jews in certain areas of town and in "Jews’ houses” after the protection of tenants and free choice of residence had been abolished for Jews on April 30th, 1939. Johanna Friedländer lived at Grindelberg 5 and at Sülldorfer Kirchenweg 34 and then at Rappstrasse 2 with Sperlings, who are also noted down in the postal address. After the "aryanization” she obviously no longer had any assets worth mentioning. Johanna Friedländer was deported from Hamburg to Auschwitz on July 11th, 1942 and murdered there. After her deportation, the Chief finance Administrator’s Office confiscated a silver lady’s wristwatch and had it auctioned for 6.90 RM on August 25th., 1942.

Translated by Peter Hubschmid
Kindly supported by the Hermann Reemtsma Stiftung, Hamburg.

Stand: April 2018
© Doreen Kobelt

Quellen: 1; 2; 1; StaH 214-1 Gerichtsvollzieherwesen, 277; AB Altona und Hamburg.
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